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no chemo yesterday after all

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I was supposed to start chemo again yesterday, but...I woke up feeling like crap. (I forgot my evening dose of decadron the night before. I won't be doing that again till it's time to wean off that dose!) The rads fatigue is kicking my butt, and my forehead and scalp are patchy red/pink.

Since my CT scan was stable (that still overwhelms me) I asked my onc if we could start chemo next week and give my body one more week to recover from rads. He said yes, so first dose of navelbene will be next tuesday. So a little break. yea me.



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Another week to get stronger and food tasting like it should! Hope you feel better with the decadron. I got this weekly with the Navelbine.


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I love, love the new picture of your beautiful kids....I'm glad you've got the extra week before chemo.....I know the fatigue of brain rads is overwhelming....unlike our other radiation treatments....the following week following my last brain rads as I've posted before,. I had two days where I was barely able to function..don't know what I would have done without my hubby....I was barely able to get off the john by myself...then started chemo the following week...so please try to rest as much as you can...it took me a good while to get over the fatigue..of course I'm a good bit older than you are...

Wishing you a restful week....and my prayers too...
Big hugs, Nancy

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