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I finished chemo at end of May this year. Neuropathy in hands and feet seemed to peak bout a month and a half after last chemo. Dr said I wouldn't know if it was permanent for a year. Just wondering how long it lasted for others?

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Glad to be done
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Hi Shawna ~

I finished chemo the end of June and had neuopathy in my feet starting after the 3rd treatment I noticed it coming on. Mostly my left foot. There were nights when my feet felt like they were going to fall off especially if I walked alot during that day... Mostly there was a numb feeling just in my toes. It seems to be getting better but very slowly... My doc recommended L-Glutemine vitamins back during treatment to relieve it and help it to go away. They really didnt do much for me. From what I read it is a very slooooow process of that healing and could take a year. My doctor said a while back if it contines to bother me she would refer me to a neuroligist. Honestly the thought of seeing another doctor right now does not amuse me...lol. I am still basking in the "no doctor appoint glory" right now.

I have noticed the last week or so it is getting better. My right foot feels normal and my left only feels funny when i crunch up my toes...

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I was advised to take glutamine. I was also directed to use Alpha Lipoic Acid, 600 mg twice a day. I found that to be quite helpful (and I didn't start until over a year post-chemo). Side note: my chemo was Folfox + Avastin - a colorectal mix. My tumor that encompassed my ovary was of appendiceal origin; I didn't have ovarian cancer. (I'm lurking here because I've learned of a few on this board who've been through what I've been through, and are using the ovarian board as a jumping off place, as that was the original diagnosis given. Feel free to read my profile.)


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2timothy1 7
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Thanks for your replies!

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