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Diamon Systems

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My biopsy slides were read by Diamon Systems out of OK, where a team of pathologists meet to review all cancer diagnoses. Is anyone familiar with Diamon Systems? Should I get a second opinion from Hopkins?

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It is a very good idea to get a second opinion. Hopkins is one of the best. I used them for a second opinion.

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There is a book "A Primer on Prostate Cancer" by Stephen B. Strum that I keep on my desk, and refer to. In his book, Dr.Strum lists 8 pathology centers that he considers world class. H is one of them. Figuring out the stage of the gleason is subjective, so there is a need for an "expert"

I recommend this book to all.

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I also agree with a second opinion at JH. This is a centre of excellency for PCa cases.
You may expect to get an unbiased review of your diagnosis. However, you will have to be the "commandant" of your case and should try to know as much as possible on the problem. They will appreciate to clarify any of your doubts.

Though I was initially treated in Japan and now am looked after in Portugal, I got several second opinions along my journey (since 2000) at JH facilities in Baltimore and Singapore.
Hope for the best.


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