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One Week PosT Radiation

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I am one week post radiation. I have oral mucositis real bad. Constant burning mucus in my mouth. The only thing I can eat is Insure. I am constantly rinceing with Baking Soda and Salt. I ordered a bottol of Ora Soothe to try. http://www.orasoothe.com/Home.html
I hope it will give me some relief. I have tried to sip soda, and that burned so bad.
I will let you all know how this Ora Soothe works.
Does any one have any recomendations, Than You.

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reach deep with wisdom and time, i know recovery is not fast enough. it will most certainly get better.

i watched first hand a friend go thru the same over the last 8 weeks. after three weeks post treatment it start to get better, week 5 he was starting more solid foods and swallowing much easier with much less mouth and throat pain.

yesterday my friend meet NED after pet scan last week.

i am certain others will offer more things you can try and use.


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You might try Mugard, I know many here that have had some success with it;


Unfortunately like John mentioned time is going to be the best healer.


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many of us have been there. My all time low was about ten days after rads completed. What you describe improved pretty rapidly for me after that. First, you should avoid all things that irritate the mouth lining. This probably includes carbonated beverages, hot and cold things, all spice, solid foods. Second, if you havent been checked for thrush, get checked today. Third, mugard does help. but also get some magic mouthwash today, and use it four times a day. When I was really miserable, betWeen the mmwash and the mugard, I at least got 4-6 hours a day when I was pretty comfortable. Use these products around when you drink the ensure, as even the ensure irritates. Also, get on, and stay on a pain medicine. No badges won for being tough here.

Hope this helps.


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You might want to try the different flavors also...

Believe it or not, even though I thought I couldn't taste anything. For some reason I could definitely tell the difference between the flavors.

Strawberry was the one I liked most, and pretty much exclusively.

I did try chocolate...it burned, didn't like the Vanilla or Butterscotch.


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I recommend that you have your dr check and make sure you don't have thrush, it causes a lot of pain in the mouth and burning. As far as eating or drinking, I think this is where we all differ slightly. I was able to sip on coke and it not only tasted kinda good but it helped to cut some of that mucous and it actually went down easier than water. I would choke on water. However when I had thrush, coke would burn so again, have that checked.
You are on the road to recovery I promise you but the wait to get there can be brutal!
Things to think about getting are magic mouthwash and nystatin. Both are RX but both will help.
Good luck and make sure to ask if you need any more input. There are so many of us that some of the advice is bound to give you some comfort.

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Two weeks after radiation were the hardest weeks for me. It does start to get better starting 3rd week and 4th week. Magic mouth is a must during this stage. I ended up using pretty much every time i had to eat or drink. My doctor also gave me 2% lycodine gel to apply on tongue on specific sores and 4% lycodine spray to spary on roof of my mouth. That really helped. I used mugard thru the treatment but it does not help much after the treatment.

I know these days seems very hard, but it shall pass too. I am now 8 weeks out of rad and am able to eat variety of food.

I turned corner at about 6 weeks i.e. I had most good days and occasational bad day.

Yes and definately try different flavors. My favorite one was bolt house farms arabica coffee smoothie. I also used boost plus choclate flavor.


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LOL, how ironic...., it's my favorite.

I'm actually sitting here this morning drinking a glass.


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Yep! That one saved me from having a PEG. I pretty much survived on that and boost plus in the tough liquid only weeks :)

I tried that after Meagan had posted that she likes it.


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after rads were the worst. Sounds like yours is a lot worse than mine. I just had Magic Mouthwash as needed. Little solace now, but it does get better.

Be well.

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