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Throat Cancer - Stage 2

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Hey everyone,
I recently found out that my dad was diagonsed with Stage 2 throat cancer. He goes in this week or next week to have a body scan. We know that the doctor already told us that he will need to have surgrey and radiation.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to gain weight before his radiation? He weighs around 180 and for the past week, he has been drinking about 3-4 drink mixes (without carbs).... But, he lost weight for the past two days now.

Hopefully I'm in the right place, when asking these questions.

Thank you!!!

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Is he only able to drink right now or can he eat too? I don't have any problem gaining weight, but for those that do I've heard a good rule of thumb is, if you're drinking something then mix something in it...carnation instant breakfast mixed in whole milk for instance and if you're eating something then pour something on it. If he's still able to eat solid foods I'd say he just needs to enjoy himself and he whatever he wants. If he will be having radiation there is a good chance he won't be able to eat( without pain) for a few weeks. If he's underweight or at his correct weight with nothing to lose then your Dr will probably suggest having a feeding tube placed before his treatment begins. Don't let that scare you. I didn't have one personally but a lot of people on here did and were glad they did. I'm sure others will chime in shortly.:)

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Two things that had helped me thru radiation: 1) Have food and drink at body temperature (like you would give to a baby). Hot and cold seemed to hurt more (at least for me). 2)Don't swallow unless eating/drinking. Swallowing is painful. I spit into a tissue. This gave me a couple of almost pain-free hours between the times I ate.

I was able to get thru it all; without a feeding tube; and I gained 3 pounds. But everyone is different. I didn't have any cancer/radiation in the mouth, cancer was in the throat. So everyone is different. I would accept, even ask for, a feeding tube if it was necessary. Rick.

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I was diagnosed with what turned out to be stage IVa base of tongue cancer and got put on the 'un' diet by the cancer center nutritionist. I was able to eat all the meat, fat, goodies etc that I wanted, all concentrating on gaining weight. As treatments progressed, my appetite did slide away, but I managed to keep my weight steady because of my feeding tube.

It was fairly simple procedure, in a hospital but as an outpatient, out cold when they did it so no pain, some sensitivity afterward that got better, but the best thing was that I could take food without having to deal with the really sore throat that I developed and that your dad might (everyone is different).

My wife would push smoothies and milk shakes, and they're great for high calorie plus hydration, so if he likes ice cream, a malted with some protein powder works well.

The feeding tube is still in place (I'm 5 weeks post treatments) and I'm working on cutting down the tube feeds and working on getting back to a regular diet. Target has a nutrition shake, the chocolate ones are great.

best of luck to you and your dad.


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Is it throat cancer or Esophageal Cancer ?

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