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Nephrologist appointment

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I had my first, post-surgery Nephrologist appointment this morning ( FULL NEPH 07/17/12 ).

My latest bloodwork showed a GFR of 67. He said that for a 50 y/o male that number isn't much lower than someone with 2 kidneys. Is this right?

He gave me NO limitations. I can take aspirin, too.

He said a high protein diet to lose 10-20 lbs is ok as well.

Also, no limitations on alcohol, which isn't an issue for me, since I have maybe 5-10 drinks a month as it is.

Any thoughts?

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A GFR of 67 sounds preey good. The one thing you did not mention was blood pressure as Nephrologists are much more concerned about BP than your GP as high BP negatively impacts your kidney, even 130/85.


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Posts: 338
Joined: Jul 2012

In the Docs office today was 130/73 - he didn't seem concerned.

I watch it home and it's usually around 110-115 /60-75


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Sounds like you're definitely headed in the right direction Adman. Keep up the good work.

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