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My mom was diagnosed with Rectal cancer the week of Christmas in 2008. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the beginning of 2009. She had surgery to remove the Rectal cancer and a Lumpectomy on her breasts. She is now a breast cancer survivor, but the rectal cancer came back, She was re-diagnosed The week of Christmas in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Currently her anus was removed and sewn shut, her vagina is sewn shut as well because they destroyed it in the attempts to get rid of the cancer as it broke the vaginal wall. She keeps having a very nasty strain of Kidney infection that is Extremely resistant to antibiotics. She was having to go to the hospital every month for a while to get rid of it for a few weeks. They finally got that to stay gone, but she got another infection, thankfully pill form antibiotics worked. She cannot have Chemo or Radiation until the infections stay gone. Has anyone else had something similar happen? Her current tumor is small and the growth rate is extremely slow. Honestly she had to stop working and is retired now because of all of this. :/ I'm worried about my mom. What are her chances of being here a long time? What are the chances it won't spread through her whole body? I've tried really hard to be strong for my mom for these last 4 years, but I want my mom to be around for a long time, for me, my kids and my step kids, and their kids. We are expecting our second grandchild in January! (the first tragically passed away from SIDS in 2009..she was 5 months old) She has so much to live for, but my biggest fear is that one morning I'll get a call from my little brother saying mom is dead. Anytime my mom's calls me from her cell phone, my heart stops for a moment. I would feel better if I could at least talk to someone who has been through or knows someone who's been through something similar. Thanks for your time, God Bless.

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You mom has the barbie butt. I have one too.. I was told there was a chance depending on how deep the tumor went that vaginal wall could be damaged.. I was very lucky that didn't happen for me.. but I can imagine you mom to be upset..
my rectum and anus were removed and my back end sewn shutt.. hence a barbie butt..
I assume she now has a colostomy.. how is she doing with that..
Your being there for her is great.. don't be afraid to let her know your concerns and see your weaknesses.. she is probably trying to be strong for you and your family and I know that can be tiring.. let her know its ok to let it go sometimes..
I wish I could tell you I knew how to resolve your anxiety but I don't. I know when my mom was sick with Breast Cancer that finally took her I was a mess.. I worried all the time about her and that was before the days of cell phones I would wonder everyday when I got home what her condition would be.
I wish you and your Mom some peace..

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My husband was dx 12/1/10 stage 3 rectal cancer. His rectum was completely removed and has permanant colostomy. In Feb of this year it was finally diagnosed (after complaining for months) that the tumor was growing again. So now he has this terrible tumor protruding where his rectum used to be, he never completely healed from original surgery.
But he kept getting UTI infections, one after another. In May I bought a book about Preventing Cancer and Treating Cancer - reducing tumor with supplements. After 5 hospital stays and all the drs telling him he was terminal and that the infections would probably kill him I started him on a supplement regimen. They said he couldn't do chemo till he was infection free.
Well this week he's on his third round Xeloda and his CEA has dropped and the tumor is shrinking. He's gaining weight and feeling so much better.
His oncologist said the supplements must be boosting his immune system. We also juice, use Whey protein and he takes Vitamin C supplements 3 times a day.
He still gets infections from time to time because the tumor invaded his bladder, but he gets weekly blood checks and urine test and if an infection shows up he gets a round of antibiotics. But he has more good weeks than bad now. His onc is also talking about starting him on radiation again to help shrink the tumor. His onc is honestly surprised to see how good he's doing. He told me whatever I'm doing for him just to keep it up,it's helping.
Good Luck
Diane & Roby

So Worried
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Hi Diane and Roby,

I hope that your hubby continues doing much better, that is awesome news!
What type of supplements does he take and what strength? Just wondering.
Thank you so much

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The book is "How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine". I believe it has really made the difference in Roby's immune system. It's been 3 months since he's had to spend time in a hospital.

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Yes my mom has Barbie But...and Barbie Cooter . She's had one vaginal reconstruction surgery, but that was ruined by the cancer growing back and breaking through the vaginal wall again. So she is ALL barbie down there. She is handling the bags fine, just the infections keep coming. She is clean for 2-3 weeks then BAM another bad infection. She needs Chemo and Radiation so she can get the cancer removed, but since she is getting infections, that's not gonna happen. I've sent her all kinds of literature about other things she can do, but she doesn't do them. It's so hard, She is over 600 miles away and I miss her like crazy. I thank you for the Humor, Barbie but cracked me up! I've never heard it called that before. I'm sure my mom will get a giggle out of it too :) I tell her all the time I love her and that I'm here if she needs to talk or cry or yell or do what ever it is she needs to do. She just says she appreciates it.

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Hey Jessi,

I am so sorry about your mom and remember with God everything is possible. So pray as hard as you can, cuz He listens and He is always there for us.

I think she, being your mom, will not show her weakness to you, even though she is going thru this brutal fight - cuz u know cancer patients grow so strong internally that we like to keep everything to ourselves and not show our weaknesses....

If you can also read up on alternative therapies that can build her immune system and put her on macrobiotic diet - it has done wonders to people to stay without cancer. Read that up.

I wish you all the best - I lost my dad to lung cancer and he was only 50 - so I can imagine your fears and pain - I will also remind you to do screening also if you have not done it already since cancer is quite genetics as proven.

Sending you hugs and prayers

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Kenny H.
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Guess that makes me a Ken butt then.

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Yup - literally LOL


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