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Alimta Question

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So my dad has NSCLC type adenocarcinoma. He has had 5 rounds of chemo with Carboplatin and Alimta. I just read that "ALIMTA is a chemotherapy drug used to treat certain kinds of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) called advanced nonsquamous NSCLC." This is from the Alimta website (alimta.com). Now I am confused as to why my dad is on Alimta if it's for nonsquamous type. Anyone else with adenocarcinoma been on Alimta?

My dad is going to begin maintenance therapy with avastin but I was wondering if I should ask the doctor if there is other types of chemo we should try before going to maintenance therapy? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi DJ,
Maybe this is a question for the oncologists who monitor the website at cancergrace.org.

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In my opinion, the most thorough information about medications can be found on the web pages of the National Library of Medicine. For Alimta, you can find more information than you really want at:


The clinical studies summarized in the above report show an advantage for Alimta in treating advanced adenocarcinoma.

I hope the web page does not give you too much information. Rick.

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My husband had Alimta. It didn't work well for him but I have read where other NSCLC patients have done very well on it.

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