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Post Chemo Side Effects

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I wonder why my oncologist does not address the problems I've had post chemo...pain in my feet, which has gotten better over these past few months and now pain in my knee joints. She listens to me when I tell her about these symptons and she notes them, but doesn't give any explanation about them. It's like now that I'm done with chemo the only real concern of hers is watching for any sign of return of the ovarian cancer, which I'm certainly glad for. But, it would be nice to have her explain why these things are happening and possible ways to help alleviate the pain. I know they have to be a result of the chemo, because I didn't have any of these problems pre-chemo. I did have a good exam today...I'll get my CA 125 score tomorrow and if that is good, it looks like I'm NED right now. So, I am thankful for that, but just get a little frustrated that these post chemo problems are not addressed. I know this is not uncommon, because I've read of so many other ladies who have experienced the same things.

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That is soooo true! I bet I've asked about a 100 questions over a three year period only to be taken note of, like you, and never answered! NO ONE told me about the joint pain! I had my first chemo on the 8th of Jan. The 10th of Jan. was our 40th wedding anniversary. I felt fine on the was to dinner, but when I got out of the (tall!) truck, the pain hit me so fast and hard I went to my knees in the parking lot! When I told my dr. about what I thought was a severe reaction to chemo she said(with a little laugh!) "Oh everyone gets those"! Would have been nice to know! This might be her 1000th rodeo, but it was my first! Best, debrajo

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Glad to be done
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Sara ~ Can't wait to here your results. HAve you had you magnesium checked lately? I was having knee and joint pain. The worst in my shoulder. Felt like I slept on it wrong. Turns out my magnesium level is critically low so she has me on 1600 mg of magnesium a day. Normal dose is 400. I went in yesterdyay to have my I P port out and she told me that she is gonna have me go for blood test next week before my post op appointment to see if it has gone up any since we started thenm. This is my second week of doing the new vitamins. I still have a little bit of neuropathy in my left foot but it is slowly and I mean slowly going away.

Maybe low magnesium could be the problem. It was for me.

Hope it gets better...

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I left a message at the doctor's office today, but did not get called back. So, I have to wait yet another day to find out my test results. I read your post about the magnesium yesterday and thought that was really interesting. I will check it out. I have a friend being treated for stage 4 colon cancer and on her second round of the chemo they did not give her magnesium like they were supposed to...her hands were just narled up after the treatment! It was a little upsetting to the family, so the next time she got the magnesium and she did much better...so it's interesting how that chemical plays a role in joint pain.

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I hear so many women complain of joint pain following chemo. I had it too, especially in my knees. Once my naturopath identified that I have Hashimoto's and started treating it, however, the pain disappeared in days. My naturopath works with a few dozen ovarian cancer patients. She has made the connection between ovarian cancer and Hashimoto's. She pretty much assumes that all of her ovarian cancer patients have it, because the blood work has consistantly shown it. I think it developes as a result of treatment, but it is a little bit of the chicken and the egg syndrome. Anyway, even though I experienced great improvement when we treated the Hashimoto's I got even better results when I started an anti-autoimmune diet. Again, the results were instant and extensive. I realized just how many of my nagging symptoms were related to autoimmune. The diet can be found in the book, "Autoimmune: The Cause and the Cure." An added bonus, the diet, with the exception of raw honey, which I don't use, is a very good anti-cancer diet as well.

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I have actually had Hashimotos Disease for about 35 years. Never heard of this connection before. I will have to check out the book and diet. Thanks for the information.

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Hi Sara

I hope you will be getting your results today and that you hear NED!

I have been reading all the posts and yours with the responses really stood out.

I don't have Hasimotos, never did. But I have had and still do, Thyroid cancer.
My Endocrine oncologist shared with me something I never knew about. So I am sharing with you all.

There is an association between benign and malignant ovarian adenofibromas and neoplasms and breast cancer and thyroid cancer and thyroid disorders.
There is also a mutation of the PTEN that has been found in both breast cancer and thyroid cancer.

Seems that you and I and many others fit this catorgory. I also have a younger sister who has breast cancer.

It is very interesting that Tethys mentioned the link between ovarian and the thyroid.

Sending you hope and hugs for positive results.


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