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Heading to ER

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Hello Dearhearts

I am taking a minute to let you know that I am heading to the ER. The weekend was not so great and the dehydration has become to much for my system to handle. I am in this horrible circle of not eating or drinking and not taking enough pain meds because I am so afraid of the nausea. My doc is not having it anymore. He has called the ER and wants me there now. So hubby is feeding Lola and then we go.

I hate to always bring such downer posts to you. Hopefully soon I will be able to say I am getting better.
Just not yet. This is so hard and I have no strength left in me. I sure hope that the fluids and such bring me a little lift of energy. I sure do need it now.

I am asking once again for your prayers and support. I am afraid and this is not a feeling that I deal with very well.
Maybe an extra prayer that the i.v. will not be extremely difficult to start. I already have such a hard time and being dehydrated makes it so much worse.

I'll keep you posted to how it goes.

Thank you all for the continous love and support you so freely give to me. I am so thankful for all of you.

Okay, I better get going to the scary place.


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Best wishes and many prayers are headed your way from the East

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Oh Lisha.

I'm sorry you have to go there but it's probably the best place
based on what you said. You know we're with you.

You're never a downer, Lisha.
Sending warm hugs with you and hopefully they get
your issues resolved.


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Get yourself well Lisha, hydration is a must and if it must come from the hospital than so be it. I sure understand being scared I feel the same everytime I go to the ER. You'll do fine, hopefully they will give you some real good pain meds get you nourished and hydrated and things will start to turn for the better. I'll be thinking about you and looking foreword to your updates. Hugs and love for you, Aaron

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Hi Lisha,
Really sorry to hear that you haven't gotten better...hopefully the docs and nurses will help you feel better soon. Just concentrate on getting better and don't think or worry about anything else! As always I will be praying for you sending you lots of positive energy! (((Hugs)))


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Hi Lisha,
I'm so sorry you have to go to the "scary place", but you have to do whatever needs to be done to stay hydrated and get some nourishment in you.You have no pounds to spare as it is and certainly can't afford to lose an ounce more of weight! Hopefully at the ER they will pump you full of good stuff that will turn things around in a healing direction. Hang in there sweetie and let us know..(when you feel up to it)...what they do for you. Prayers, hugs, good vibes are always coming your way from Washington State. Love you...Sue

P.S.. John is having a heck of a time getting on the site and said he is thinking of you. I had a hard time posting earlier...UGH...CSN server is the pits! :)

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Saying prayers for you and wishing yor all the best. I hope you feel better quickly and hats off to your Doctor! Mary

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Hey Lisha, being dehydrated is horrible, I've been there, the fluids should do wonders, it did for me. Hang in their!

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Hopefully you are on your way to being hydrated by now. ( Sorry didn't see your post yesterday!) Being dehydrated is horrible. I pray they got the line in without any problems and you are feeling better today.


miss maggie
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Dear Lisha,

I am so sorry you had and continue to have such a hard time. I do feel better that
you went to the ER. This is probably where you should of been from the time things
went bad at home.

It goes to show you, most of the times, there is nothing like our own family doctor
to know, care about us, and know just what to do.

As always, I so wish things turn around for you. Your poor body should get nourished,
the pain shoud be gone, and return to home sweet home.

I am holding your hand through this journey. Love and hugs from Maggie

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The site must have felt sorry for me and let me on. At least I think it did??? We will see when I go to post this. I tryed to post last night but it would not let me. I am always here for you and will be with you in the ER. Hope all goes fine and will be checking in all day to see any new post. John

Max Former Hodg...
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Why, darling, is it, after all of your ordeals, you do not have a port ? ("Hope IV won't be hard to start.")

At my infusion center, I used to routinely see folks coming in only for hydration bags. If you cannot drink properly, scheduling these hydration sessions should do the trick.

Praying for you,


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Oh honey. Let em pump you full and get to feeling better very very soon. I am amazed your docs just don't keep you there till they figure out just what is happening.

Get rest, drink lots, pee all the time. The trips to the potty will help you.

Take Care,

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lisha i will be praying you to have a speedy recovery the doctors and nurses will probally make you feel better with iv medicine and fluids just rest and let them take care of you blessings denise

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