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Changing Dr's....and when is it malpractice?

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I am really venting here.

I have been with the same primary care physician for 14 years. About 8 years ago, I mentioned my concern about kidney cancer: my dad had it, and my paternal grandfather died of it. My physician basically said, you have no other risk factors, and dropped it.

Three months ago, a tumor was found accidentally. Two months ago, it (and my kidney) were removed. I am wondering if I would still have two kidneys had my Dr listened to my concern in 2003.

Today I went back, talking about surveillance based on genetic testing: my sister is BRCA (breast cancer gene) positive, and I got tested on my own. My Dr yelled at me for this. Basically, he does not know what to do.

I hate to have to find another doctor, but I guess it is time.

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Unless you can show through xrays and blood work that there was evidence of RCC 9 years ago and that if something was done earlier the prognosis woukd have been better, there is no Malpractice. If discovered 9 yrars ago the only treatment was a full nepherectomy anyway. Having said that if you are uncomfortable with the GP, by all means change.


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It is frustrating, though, to bring information to the physician, and to have it dismissed. 6 years ago, it is possible that the surgery would have been a partial nephrectomy. I am a diabetic with one kidney....not a particularly good place to be.

the real frustration was getting lectured about stuff. I am now talking with experts at NIH, partially to understand the genetic component. My father is also talking.

Apparently, about 5% of all kidney cancers are genetic. The fact that my dad and his dad had the disease put me at high risk. Possibly 30-40%.

As I said, I was primarily venting. I am still feeling the loss. Unlike some people, my recovery from the surgery has not been smooth.

We put the Dr's up on a pedestal, and are looked down on when we question things. No one knows my body better than me.

THanks for reading

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Today after seeing the new oncologist(he was great btw) he confirmed that the screening they did for the last 1.5 years as follow ups after my husband's nepherectomy was not sufficient or enough to detect recurrence.It was chest X-ray and abdominal ultrasounds. If CT or MRI was done this could of been caught earlier and treated. We are strongly considering to sue the hospital or the doctor for malpractice. Any ideas where to start? There is always the argument, that he had CT scans a year after the surgery ( before we moved from another state)that were negative and this is why he was not considered at really high risk. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Well, you already have 1 oncologist basically stating that it was malpractice. Insufficient follow up and malpractice are.....I believe, interchangeable terms. Mets to the lungs are pretty easy to pick up on a routine PA and Lateral Chest X-ray. I believe he should have had a Cat Scan if his Creatinine was below 1.5, or if above that an MRI. A renal Ultrasound is fine for detecting cysts and possible masses, but if found, a follow up CT scan is done to verify. You'd probably need 1 more physician to agree but getting them to go to court for you.....testifying against a fellow physician........well, that's another thing. Good Luck.


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