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CA-125 Count Elevated after 2 Chemo Treatments

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My CA-125 count was 4788 when I started Chemo. It is now at 12920 after 2 chemo treatments. I went ahead and had a 3rd treatment. My oncologist was pleased because the tumor is shrinking after 1 treatment. He said that I was responding to the chemo great. I feel good other than when I have the treatments. He is at a loss as to why the numbers are going up instead of down unless it's because the tumor was really large. He has ordered a CT scan before the next treatment. He & I were both ready for surgery. Has this happened to anybody ?

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If the tumor is shrinking, that's a good sign. I had a bump in my CA-125 after three treatments, not as extreme as yours. My infusion nurse said it could be elevated due to tumor die off. I hope yours goes down and your scan is good.

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I myself didn't experience my CA 125 going up during chemo treatment but I agree with Tethys41 that your tumor shrinking is a terrific sign. Praying that the outcome of your scan is good.


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