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Hey Ladies, in the hospital

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My fever went up to over 103 this morning. My white counts have bottomed out. 2 or 3 day stay for fluids and antibiotics. I do not like Cistplatin. And this is only round 1 of 6.


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Oh, Carla.

So sorry to hear you are still battling that fever and now in the hospital!


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Glad to be done
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Carla I am so sorry you had to go into the hospital... That sucks. I hope the antibiotics kick in quick.


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but I know the hospital is where you will get well. It is so different when you are cared for by nurses and given fluids, medication and food. I went into the hospital twice during cisplatin and within a couple of days I felt so much better.

You are in my thoughts and prayers, Carla.


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Karen, this was just round 1. I'm beginning to wonder if I can handle it.

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taxol, cisplatin, taxol and ended up in the hospital for low WBC, made it through complete second round then had taxol, cisplatin and ended up in the hospital because electrolytes crashed.

I was wondering why doctors don't have us take potassium, magnesium, etc to make sure we have enough in our system. Is this possible?

I can't stress enough to keep in touch with your doctor. I really feel if I had realized my symptoms were more than just "chemo sick" I wouldn't have let it go so long and let myself get so sick and weak. My doctor scolded me for not calling in sooner. She also scolded me when I had a fever over 100 and didn't go to ER. I had gone to a chemo class and that was stressed. I took tylenol and the fever went away. If it had gone back up, I would have gone in. I really hated the ER by that time.

I hope you feel some relief soon. It's hard, no one can deny that but cisplatin seems to be the dragon slayer we need.


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kimberly sue 63
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rest and get stronger!!! Thinking of you. Remember, when the carbo is killing good cells, it is also killing those cancer cells too!!! KIm

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I'm so sorry that your fever rose and you had to go into the hospital. You'll be well taken care of there and you'll be able to fully rest and recover. I'm praying that the second round goes better for you.


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I never had cisplatin but hopefully your next round will not be as bad, hang in there and rest up .
Good Luck

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