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swollen lymph nodes in neck

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Hello Hope you are all doing as well as you can its been while wondering if anyone else has had swollen lymph nodes in neck after stage 1 idc left side nodes also left side had surgery radiation 2011 well I wish each and every one a very very good day best wishes and prayers for better days ahead
Thanks dee

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I know we always jump to "is it cancer?" first. But I think you should see your primary doc about this...the swelling could easily be from a virus or an infection. I hope that is all it is.



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Megan M
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Please call your doctor and get an appointment.

Good luck, Megan

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Please see your oncologist about the swollen lymph nodes...It maybe nothing, but my IDC came back in my lymph nodes ...right above my clavicle...

Better to be safe...get them checked as soon as they can see you...

Hugs, Nancy

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I don't have this situation but a friend of mine did, twice. She had a node in her neck and it was b9. She also had one on her back she felt. They did biopsy, and also b9.

I hear this can happen with nodes (even with no dx). they can inflame for different reasons. Please check with Dr. but try to stay positive and calmed. There's is high possibility it isn't serious.

Good luck. Keep us posted.


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Nodes in the neck area sometimes swell due to infections our bodies are fighting so cancer scare or no cancer scare you need to see your doctor. I would call you onco and ask if they want to see you or should you see your primary but either way get to a doctor.



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I haven't had swollen lymph nodes. It would be good to call your pcp and get them checked out. xoxoxo Lynn

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I have never had swollen nodes either. Did you contact your doctor and tell him? Update us with what you find out.


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