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Update on mum and any advice welcome

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I wanted to share mums recent months with you all, she is such an inspiration to me. She is not on any treatment now, the last chemo Gemzar/ carbo was too much for her, she had two treatments and ended up back in the hospice, she was so poorly, from there she went to hospital to have fluids and after a week went back to the hospice, she had a couple of weeks in there and came home, very weak and not able to get upstairs, the hospice supplied a bed for her to put in the lounge, well mum being mum slept in the bed for all of 2 nights and then with gritted teeth she got herself up the stairs, she has since then gradually got stronger and has been getting out for a walk with the dogs aided by a rolator, about a week ago she cast the rolator aside and just used a stick, yesterday she took her dog for a walk on her own! She was so proud of herself and today she told me she wants the hospice bed taken away, she said they can bring it back if needed! Her self esteem and confidence have grown so much in the last couple of weeks, I am so hoping this lasts for a good while, she had fluid drained when she was in hospital 3 months ago and there is no sign of a new build up as yet! I was wondering if anyone has any views about steroids, mums onc wanted her to go on steroids for a while although we are not that sure why, so she is on them and they seem to suit her, she has a very good appetite and has even enjoyed a glass of wine for the first time in years. Mum also has an amphetamine most mornings but I wonder if she will need those soon, mums nurse from the hospice said she doesn't really want mum on steroids because of the effects on her body, we think if they are helping her now that is what matters, does anyone have an opinion? Sorry it is a long one, I am so proud of my mum


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Hi Sue,
How wonderful that your mum has pulled round , what a hero.
My opinion on steroids from when my mum had them are this , The first lot she had were amazing , what a difference they made to her it was fabulous. Then when she finished the course a few weeks went by and the chemo started to knock her for 6 again , so we were fairly insistent that they gave her some more. She started her next course and not long after that she caught pheumonia , sadly she passed away because she could not fight the infection off.
The problem with steroids is that they weaken your immune system even more than it already is, so I kind of guess it a risk benefit type of thing.
Please bear in mind though that my mum was still actively in treatment so the chemo also made her immune system a lot worse, and the type of pheumonia she caught was really nasty strain.
I always question , maybe if she hadn't had the steroids the second time would she have fought it off? However if she hadn't had them would she have caught it anyway and not been able to fight it off and not benefited from them when she took them?
The problem is there are always so many ifs , buts and maybes throughout this journey! No one can ever give you the right answer you have to do what you think is best for your mum.

Good luck , send my love to your mum , she sounds like a truly amazing lady, just like my mum x

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Hi there...
I often follow your posts and was upset when I read about your Mum's condition lately, but then I was so glad about her subsequent recovery. When I had lots of ascites and was in hospital, I was in a very low place. It took quite a while for me to feel a little stronger and the pain was something which stopped me from getting around or doing things by myself. Then there was the chemo which knocked me for six. I think it was because I was weakened anyway. I don't really have a view about the steroids, but they seem to be helping your Mum. I wonder what the doctor's view on them is? I can see why your Mum is an inspiration and she is to me too.

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Thanks for your replies ladies, it means a lot to me, I will certainly take the comments about the steroids on board for the future, at the moment mum seems to be having alternate good days and bad days, I wonder if it is that on the good days she does too much, she has never been one to do nothing and has struggled watching Dad do what she sees as her jobs around the house. Well we will just keep taking one day at a time and make the most of the good days, love to you

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