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tooth ache

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My husband had a severe toothache last night. It's on the left/top side towards the back.It started to radiate up the side of his head. He took 3 vicodins and 2 ibuprofen and the pain finally went away. I wonder if this is decay or bone deteroitation. It was not a throbbing pay.

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If I were a betting man I would bet on a plain "cavity" but hope it doesn't require a root canal. The only tooth I have lost was after a root canal and it simply never would heal. I understand HBO would/could have helped but that seemed a bit drastic based on the distance I owuld have had to drive.

I assume your dentist knows the history.


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only time in my life I've ever had a toothache...it wasn't the tooth at all. it was shingles, along the nerve of my jaw. but I could've sworn my molar was gonna drop out.

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Like Denny mentioned, I'd be more inclined to just presume a plain old cavity.. Cavities are definitly a concern in view of all of the radiation a lot of us have had.

I haven't had a root-canal since treatment. I did have a crown put on though.


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which my dentist said was brought on from the radiation in a weakened area??? He seemed to think there was some correlation. Any swelling along the gum line?

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i did not see anything. I does nut hurt today. This is the secong time it happened. Last time it was a week ago.

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a week ago? doesn't sound like any of the above.
seek professional advice.

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Hello !
I can't relate to teeth (as all of mine were pulled before surgery) but has he made an appt. with your dentist ? Boy I would start there first ! Then if it's not that route check with your medical oncologist. I get nerve pain through the jaw on the same side as the tumor removal that drops me to my knees. There is meds for this if thats what's causing it. Good luck, and keep us posted please ! Katie

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I had a similar toothache. My dentist gave me a flouride treatment & the pain has not returned in two months. Would have bet the farm I had a cavity or in need of a root canal. Also used the flouride toothpaste Prevident 5000. Good luck!

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On the uppers is where our sinuses are. If we have a cold, sinusitis or hay fever those sinuses can become very inflamed and mimic a nasty toothache. Just a thought. I spent 16 years in the dental field before having kids, I still have a love for it.
Also he might have some toothbrush abrasion or there could be bone loss to that area from radiation. If you know he hasn't had a cold or anything to make his sinuses act up then maybe try using his flouride a few times. If it's toothbrush abrasion that could help. If it's bone loss he needs to see a periodontist but your regular dentist can determine. Lastly it could be the tiniest bit of decay, in which case it's best to catch it early. Good luck and keep us posted.

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