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treatment after prostate removal

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I recently underwent a rp robotically with Dr. Shah in Atlanta. Surgery went great, I feel great. My gleeson was 8 , before surgery I had a bone scan and ct which both were negative. Post surgery pathology report came back with no cancer in lymph nodes or bladder. However it showed that there was a small amount of cancer in the focal margin of the prostate. I just had the surgery and will have my first post operative psa in Sept. They said that it would all be decided on the outcome of the test that they do not wait for a rapid psa elevation before moving to radiation what has been proven to be the best form of treatment , if it is necessary for me. Thanks Marvin

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Cn not answer for anyone else, but radiation might not cause many side effects while going through it, but good probability that you will suffer rectum damage, and depending on how severe is what makes treatment so risky. I think you should get more info and then more input.
Good luck.


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You may inquire with your doctor about his treatment protocol to your status.
I think that his proposed radiation done as adjuvant to surgery (just after RP) is due to the positive margins declared in the pathological report. This is a protocol of preference by some doctors but there are cases of patients with similar status that did not recur. Our friend survivor Lewino of this forum is an example. After all radiation is not a walk in the park. It got its risks and side effects that you should to consider if in fact your case is of those that never experience recurrence.

It is common to wait for recurrence to happen firstly and then follow with a salvage treatment.
You can check on the PSA level immediately. Three weeks post surgery is all it is needed to certify about successes. Remission is usually declared if the PSA is kept lower than 0.06 ng/ml.
A continuous increase above 0.2 ng/ml is considered in the majority of the cases as “recurrence”.

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Wishing you good and successful recovery.


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