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Update - the gemzar is holding it at bay

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Hi All,

Just a note to let you all know my husband had a chest x-ray 8/7/12 and we were fully expecting to hear the small plueral effusion discovered on the CT scan had grown and would need attention - boy were we surprised to learn that it hasn't changed. So will continue the Gemzar which seems to be holding the continued spreading at bay for now.

Sadly, on 8/6/12 his sister, who began her battle with AML in Novemeber passed away. It was heart wrenching see the two of them together saying their good byes. She told him she would be waiting for him when it was his time, he wouldn't be alone on his journey. It was so emotional sharing his pain of losing his sister and knowing some day I may lose him. Bless her heart so isn't suffering any longer.

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So glad to hear that the Gemzar is working well. actually WOOOHOOO for Gemzar news. With everything else you must feel a bit like a tennis ball being hit hard and spun fast.

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your sil. It just sucks that a family, any family, should be subjected to this much pain and uncertainty.

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Dennycee - I apprecite your kindness. This cycle of Gemzar (his third) has been very hard on him - high fevers, stomach pain, nausea, diarrehea, leg cramps. He has one more treatment, then he'll get a week off, then a PET. He took an extra week off between the last cycle and this one so he wasn't miserable during his sister's funeral. Not sure if that extra week off had something to do with it or not re: this cycle kicking him hard or not. Could just be a combination of all the extra stress he has had, continuing to work, etc. too who knows. I agree WOOOOHOOOO Gemzar is buying him time!

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