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Because of a suspicious swelling on an xray taken of Jim's ribs, the oncologist is ordering a bone biopsy. The radiologist read it as a concern for metastasis.

Praying this is just an infection from one of the many spontaneous fractures Jim has due to the advanced osteoporosis.

I've told Jim: it's not cancer until they say it is cancer and I'm sticking to that.

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I'll be praying for a clear biopsy for Jim, and that everything is just as you say. It's NOT the C-word until they say it is. Warmest thoughts sent to both of you ! Katie

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My thoughts are with you and Jim. Really hope the results of the biopsy will be good news. Stay strong.


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I will say a prayer that the swelling is nothing more than an infection that is easily treatable. Jim is blessed to have your positive attitude and support. God Bless!

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Prayers also that it's something other than cancer and that it's easily treatable....

Also, stop pokin the poor man in the ribs woman...

Thoughts & Prayers,

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I'm hoping for a NEDS report from the biopsy. I agree, it's not cancer, until they say it is beyond a shadow of a doubt.


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and will send prayers and positive thoughts....it IS NOT cancer till they say it is....and truly that is a factual statement.


Kent Cass
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all of the above, and-



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