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Three years since diagnosis

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Three years ago today I was in the hospital for colon resection surgery. A colonoscopy had found a tumor which was obstructing my colon so much that the scope couldn't get past it! It was cancer, and cancer cells were also found in three lymph nodes, so I had the full six months/twelve treatments of Folfox. I was a stage IIIb.

Things are good now. My colonoscopy this summer found one small non-cancerous polyp (about the size of an apple seed, my gastroenterologist told me) which was removed. My CEA continues to be normal, and scans have all been clear. I had my port taken out recently--I was holding onto it just in case I needed it, but it looks like I won't need it anytime soon. (If I do, I'll just get a new one.) I'm working full-time and feeling good.

I know it could come back at any time--that's why my gastroenterologist insists on an annual colonoscopy and I'm still seeing my oncologist every six months. But for now, everything is good and back to normal, and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can for as long at that lasts!

I haven't posted a lot here but I've read a lot, especially when I was in treatment. I remember being very scared and uncertain, and I was always encouraged to read updates from people who were doing well--to see that it was possible to get past this. I wanted to add my update to pass along that encouragement to others.

Karen in FL

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So glad to hear the good news and that you for posting that you are doing so well.


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So good to see positive stories. I realize people move on that have finished treatments and not facing dr appts weekly. I hope to get to that point eventually. Congratulations on another clean scan and getting rid of the pain in the butt bump port.

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Karen, I am happy for you.

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Karen...great news on your 3 years of no reoccurance!


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Thank you for sharing. You are so correct in saying how uplifting stories like yours are to people undergoing treatment. Wishing you many more clean scans.
Best wishes,

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I really needed to read your post today. I am also a 3b and on chemo #11 of 12. I had 3 nodes also but no mets anywhere. I am so encouraged by your 3 year all clear. This is my worry and I am trying to put it in perspective so I do not let this dominate my brain. I get scans 6 weeks after last chemo then colonoscopy in Jan (1 year mark). Then scans every 6 months the first 2 years and colonoscopy each year. I cannot live my life worrying that this will come back but it always seems to be on the surface. Any advice from the board would be appreciated.

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Good new is always welcome here. This December,I too will be three years out from dx and also NED. We are
the lucky ones.

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Glad to hear things are going so well - are your school kiddos still enoying the holiday music each year? I always enjoyed reading how they responded when you played that for them:)

-Santa Craig

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Thanks for a great update.
( i sent you a PM....if you could respond back).

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So happy for you!

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I'm happy that my update made you all happy! danker, yes, we are the lucky ones and I know it--I know you do too. Craig, I have your Christmas CD and I play it each year when we have our classroom Christmas party. My kids always enjoy it and it reminds me of you and all you give to others! marbleotis, your situation sounds so similar to mine. Congratulations on (almost)finishing your chemo. As for worrying--I still can't help worrying a little when the appointment times roll around every six months. I guess that's just natural after all we've been through, and I try not to let it bother me too much. I hope everything goes well for everyone here.

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You're right. It's very encouraging to the rest of us. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Best of continued health to you.

So Worried
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Good for you, Karen. I am thrilled at your news!! I am hoping and praying that it NEVER, EVER comes back and you live a long and happy life. Keep us updated as I know, like you said, everyone loves good news!!!!

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thank you for sharing that your still ok. always encouraging news for us all

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Hi Karen. I am in FLorida also. Not too many floridians on here. Do you go to Moffitt?

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