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Fatigue after radiation therapy

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Have weakness in legs after 45 radiation treatments. Doing pt. still have problems. Will this end

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It's like rolling the dices. Each person is different and the different type of problems! I had radiation treatment in 2009 and the fatigue, weakness, got worst for about a year and then real problems started with bleeding, and bowel Incontinence from nerve damage.

BUT saying that,a lot of these guy's have none or it goes away 2 to 3 months and life go on. You be fine and except whatever life bring you, my hopes and prayers are with you!

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Due to the lack of information it is hard to say. What treatment did you have? Ralph and I seem to have the same cancer, and issues. If you would share a little more info I am sure so eone here will be able to relate and offer their two cents worth of knowledge.


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I had 15 proton trreatments and then 30 exteral beam radiation. I was fatiqued for a couple of years after treatment which ended in Jan '10.

Life is not the same after prostate cancer for me.

Fatique after radiation is just part of the package.

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I don't have any empirical data but common sense would suggest that the greater the number and duration of the radiation treatments, the greater the likelihood of some form of physical side effects resulting from the treatments.

IMRT and PBT both require a fairly large number of treatments over an extended period of time and it is common for IMRT/PBT patients to report some form of fatigue, urinary discomfort or other symptoms (which usually resolve themselves 2-3 months) following such treatment. CK on the other hand only requires 4-5 treatments over a week's time and few people who receive CK report any side effects whatsoever.

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Sorry to hear of your problems following IMRT. I had 38 sessions of IMRT shortly after surgery and only experienced fatigue during the last 3 weeks of the radiation treatments. After the IMRT was completed I had no side effects at all. It's been almost 3 years now and things are still looking good. Hopefully your fatigue symptoms will subside shortly. Wishing you the best of luck !!

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