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Help is needed

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Posting on Head and Neck-August 14th:
My 85 yr old father has throat cancer and is just about done with chemo & radiation, he only has 2 more radiation treatments. The problem is that in the 2 weeks he has been having so much thick mucous, that he coughs violently and vomits everything and anything in his stomach. He has been receiving tube feedings for about 5 weeks now and until this vomiting started two weeks ago he has done very well with his weight.

We are giving nausea medication and making sure to feed very slow and he stay sitting up for at least 1 hr!

Today it seems particularly bad... Also having gastric fluid come out PEG Tube when we open it., not a lot, but still happening. There is no resistance when we flush the tube.

We are not giving anything for the cough, other than restarting a low dose of hydrocodone.

Any help with this would be appreciated.


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Many here have found that Mucinex (is that spelled right?) in the purple box helps. I hope it helps your father.

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Sorry to say that this is all part of the treatment. For some mucinex does help to thin the mucus for others like my husband no help at all. The main thing they say is water helps the most to keep the mucus thinned out. Your father needs to stay hydrated.

Wishing you and your father the best. Head and neck treatment is the worse. That is what we were told in the beginning of our journey and as the caregiver, I believe it. And if you post in the head and neck section, you will find more information. If I can help, please let me know. My husband was 73 when diagnosed in 2010 and since then he has undergone 70 radiation and 9 chemo treatments, laryngeal cancer, surgery and now they have found a tumor at the cervical of his esophagus and from what I can find, is a rare spot for cancer and it is considered a second primary.


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Bill has some problems with mucus and when we mentioned it to the PA she said that different things seem to work for different people. The suggestions she made included:
1. Mucinex
2. Drinking hot tea
3. Taking papaya extract (available over the counter)
4. Ginger (may try drinking tea made with ginger)

Have not had a chance to try any yet, but hoping one will work for you (and for Bill)

Good luck

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Ginger will also help fight nausea. Not a bad thing for a cancer patient :)


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