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My daughter is preparing to run another marathon and wishes to raise money specifically for uterine cancer as I am currently in treatment for UPSC. Anyone know of any possibilities?

I have been lurking here for quite awhile and want you all to know how much less isolated I feel since discovering you. Thank you to all who post so regularly.

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I commend your daughter for her interest in raising money for cancer cause. I am not sure what you mean by possibilities? Are you looking for ideas on how she can get sponsors? Ususally people will start a site on the official race website or have family, friends and co-workers sign pledge to sponsor runner. Maybe it is different for a marathon. It is too bad that so many marathons now require some very large fees.

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How cool that your daughter wants to help in this way :) I don't know of any uterine cancer-specific charities that could be your daughter's beneficiary. Perhaps the National Cancer Institute or Mayo Clinic as they seem to be doing the most research.

Liz in Dallas, who has hair again!

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Marji's Fund (based in Portland, Oregon) is a foundation for gyn cancers. Marji died from uterine cancer. I met her family in Portland during a fundraiser & they are lovely people. Here's a link: http://www.marjiesfund.org/

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Thank you. for the suggestions. Will check them out. Congratulations on the hair, Liz. You will have to put up a new picture. I had my last chemo today (yeah) and am looking forward to when I have some again despite the fact that my wig and scarves are much nicer than my own hair.

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