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Been in cisplatinland for the past week

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and I feel so out of touch. These infusions always put me down for about five days with extreme fatique, constipation, body aches, ringing in my ears etc. Hopefully, my head will feel clearer today for even doing laundry sounds thrilling.
Love you all..... ((((HUGS))) Maria

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Tina Brown
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I sympathise with you Maria. I have experienced Cisplatin and know only too well how debilitating the side affects are. I had bruising on my arms and legs on the last week.I am still having the fatigue and the only thing I can do about it is rest. I never got constipated, in fact I was a bit the other way!!! I had the ringing in my ears but by the last week it had gone. Hang in there as my CA 125 went down from 900 to 342 so it was all worth it. I have another 2 infusions to go and I am now prepared for the sickness. Take care love Tina xxxx

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Glad to be done
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Maria I used to feel the same way after my cisplatin and I absoltely hated it. I felt like me and my body were in different time zones or something...... It is so hard for me to lay around and do nothing. The worst was I felt totally drained and tired but couldn't fall asleep.....

I hope you are feeling better soon.


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to get your laundry done. Thrilling is a stretch...but I know it feels good to be able to do the normal things you want to do. I am experiencing some side effects to my medication and although they pale in comparison to what you are going through I am finding it difficult because of the heat. I am tired, get hot flashes, have a head cold and I can barely tolerate the heat wave we are having. It is in the mid 90's. I know that is not hot to some of you ladies. We have a friend in Fresno who said it was 109 yesterday. There is always something to be thankful for.


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Cisplatin is a very tough chemo...hope you feel well soon...my next tx of Carbo/taxol is Aug 31..ugh twice in one month it seems but not really. Hate the the way chemo makes me feel. Lost my hair and have some red pimples or something on my scalp and is itchy..that is new and annoying..stay strong..Val

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I hope you had a better day today and felt well enough to do the laundry. I hate these damn side effects. Hang in there and am glad you felt well enough to come to this board today.


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