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1 month out from Rad

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Just had checkup with ENT and Radiation Oncologist both thought I looked good with no issues. Still a lot of swelling in neck area and stiff neck, but burns and blisters are almost completely gone. I am taking minimal amounts of oxycodone for flare ups, but not much pain to speak of. Biggest problem is sleeping or lack of it, is this common? Any advice on ways to get solid sleep not just 2 hours?
Am very happy for all the positive comments and general attitude of forum, great place for advice and support.


Kent Cass
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might be able to help. My Dr started me on Ambien shortly after tx. Melatonin, which is over the counter, might also help. Only 2-hour sleep stints does not seem like much, to me. Even during tx I was getting 3- 3 1/2. Have you tried a recliner, or elevating the head of the bed?


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Hi Randy,

Sleep was and is the one thing I do well, but there were times. You don’t say what is bothering you (other than mentioned side effects). My mind use to race when I first found out, so I would take one Lorazapam, poof, fall asleep. Now if I have trouble I take a Tylenol PM or Advil PM and it does the trick. The one bad habit I have fallen into is staying up to late, usually around midnight. Sometimes the posts on these threads make me worry about the future. I do well 99% of the time, but that 1% can really screw my brain up. Oh well, it is 12:07 am and time for bed (no pills),



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If midnight is too late then my 3a.m. bedtime is completely unacceptable.

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I would LOVE to be able to get more than a couple of hours of sleep at a time. I can fall asleep reasonably easily, but the mucusitis wakes me up choking after about two hours, sometimes three. I'm up for another hour or so trying to clear my throat enough to be able to fall back asleep. I'm looking very much forward to the mucus clearing up enough to sleep 4 hours!

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Sorry so late responding ..missed your original post...

Yehsid683, I have a generic form of Ambien that really helps me sleep. I spray stoppers4 in my mouth as I lay down after taking my pill and I sleep pretty darn good and for a few hours..wake up, go to the bathroom and spray some more, then back to sleep...however I am 6 mo past tx and it is easier now than just after tx. :)


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As for sleeping, or lack of...it's very common among us.

Especially the first few years it seems.

Some stems from drinking so much liquids, the pee breaks are much more frequent. hen there is the case that we have two chocolate lab sisters. They would think that well, he's going to pee, we need to also.

So getting them to go quickly is an issue, especially if they happen to see a stray neighborhood cat and think they'll give it a little exercise at 2:00AM.

I'm over three years post Tx, and still wake at least once during the night.

That is much better than the first year or so, where 3 hours was about the max extended sleep period.

Rather sucks when you still work full time...6:00AM comes pretty quick if you've been up 2-3 times every night.


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My routine right out of tx was a hydrocodone, a lorazepan and an advil p.m. I slept like a rock. I no longer need the hydrocodone but can't get a good nights sleep without the other two. In fact, last night was my 1st attempt at dropping the lorazepan and I'm going back to it tonight. Hope you find a routine that brings you sweet dreams.

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