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Filfiri and Avastin - so tired

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Is it normal to be completely exhausted on this mix? Was infused on Monday and I am still completely exhausted. Anything to combat that?

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Its normal. I force myself to get out of the house on the fourth day and mountain bike on the fifth day to speed up recovery

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Mine is not the norm, Vicki...I was very sick 13 out of 15 days each cycle for the entire six-months.

I had just come out of my second lung surgery and six-weeks worth of radiation to the lung and 5fu in combo - so I was already pretty tired before I got started.

I just didn't get very many good days at all - but that's just me - not you.

Best thing to do is rest when you're tired...do anything you can around that....and hang on!


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I know how you feel, I'm on Folfox and dreading Monday 3rd infusion, I have been exhausted for the whole week and don't start feeling better until the next week. Just when I start feeling great time for next dose. This will be a tough 6 months for us. Hope you're feeling better today.

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Sandy, I just finished #11 of 12. You can do it!!!! I was more tired on some than others. Try to eat what you can and make sure you have some proteins. Try to get some form of exercise (housework counts). I had a saying that as soon as I felt "normal", it was time to pull out the rug from under me again and have another infusion. I started March 2012 and cannot believe it is August. Focus on one at a time and they will get done. Stay busy with the kids especially with school starting soon. My kids are older (24 and 20) but each day we have a gab session and laugh alot. Please keep posting so we can see how you are doing. Alice

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Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I read your posts and do have hope I will do it. I have to do it for my family. Glad that you are almost finished, it must feel good to see that finish line. Have you had CT scans?

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Hi, Just was wondering what your side effects have been. I start this Friday 10/19 with folfiri plus avastin. I had Folfox 5 years ago and the adenocarcinoma just showed up in my lung 2 months ago. After a VATS to remove, here we go again. I'm not looking forward to this. Any info would be appreciated. I'm proud of you. You give me hope and I will try your suggestions that you gave to Sandy.

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Hi LJ...sorry you need to start treatment again but I hope it goes well. I'm not sure of the difference in folfox and folfuri but my husband just had his 3rd treatment of folfox ...just had avastin with the last treatment and so far so good. His biggest problems seemed to be from the steroids....insomnia and constipation. Doc cut the dose and its better

Good luck.

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Rick's doctor recently prescribed Ritalin for the fatigue - it seems to work a bit.

Best wishes,


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FOLFIRI is such a tuff thing. I only lasted 10 of 12 rounds when i did it 4 years ago. I was going to stop after 10 this time but decided to suffer through 2 more rounds. FOLFIRI can really produce some dark days. But hang in ther Vicky. You will get through it.

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I'm on day 4 of my 2nd FOLFOX treatment ... #2 of 12. I am also wiped out this time around....i think there is a permanent "Alex shaped% indentation in my sofa. It is slightly better than round 1... probably because i forced myself to eat this time around. Drinkingva lot of water also seems to be helping both with the diarrea and my alertness. I am still exhausted but not nearly as bad as i was last time.


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What you are experiencing unfortunately is common. It makes you so tired. I would rest and fight through it. Pray it gets better. Jeff

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