Things Do Get Better

Things do get better. At least for me they have. Doug's birthday was yesterday. The moment i woke up in the morning i knew what day it was. Yes I felt sad and lonely, but I was ok. I didn't hide out for the day, isolating myself. I acknowledged to myself that it was a hard day, harder than most, but after almost three years, I did well. I'm hoping that some of you will see this as a light, not at the end of the tunnel, but a light anyway. I don't think I will ever not feel sadness. It is no longer a crippling sadness, though. I remember how he used to tease me about being younger than me. About 6 weeks. I remember happier times when we celebrated our birthdays. Now I can smile at those memories instead of crying. Happy birthday, Doug. I miss you. Fay


  • Beckymarie
    Beckymarie Member Posts: 357
    Terry has been gone for two years and I guess in some ways things are easier. I don't cry everyday. But I find the loneliness unbearable at times. I just don't know how to fill the hours. I have tried to join different groups, but things just don't seem to come together. I am tired of trying to fill my days. Sorry, don't mean to be such a downer, but does this loneliness ever go away or do we just adjust to it.