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Last night I did something I haven't done since Jan/2011 when I was told I had stage 3 Laryngeal Cancer, I drove my car and had my oxygen at tow. Talking about excited, my hubby went with me, life has gotten better. Wishing everyone a awesome and pain free day. bjw1955

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Hi bjw 1955,

It is nice to be in control, good luck on driving. I also took a little time off driving.



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I'll bet you are feeling so free now! Glad your hubby went with the first time (I only went 2 1/2 months without driving, but really felt out of practice when I first got behind the wheel). So now you can take yourself wherever you want to....whenever you want to :).
Big pat on the back!


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That is awsome ! Being able to drive gives a person the feeling of independence. I am so happy for you ! Wishing you a great pain free day to ! Katie

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I also drove last week for the first time in two years. But the Big C was not my excuse. I had cataracts that reduced my vision to 20/400 (legally blind). And I put off the surgery until I was beyond the treatment (which for me was radiation then total laryngectomy then more rads/chemo). But it was great to drive. And it adds a margin of safety to have two drivers in the household. Rick.

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COngrats, nice to have some control and a little freedom back I'm sure.


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Go BJW...go ... :) :) :)

happy for you,


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Tonsil Dad
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Nice to see you are moving Forward...and sideways...and reversing.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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