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Stage IV in MO, what are others doing

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This is an opening post for "rettaschu". She is coming over from another website.

Boyfriend of 10 years was dx'd with Metastatic Esophageal cancer in January of 2012. The cancer had spread to his liver (several spots). He has been getting chemo every 3 weeks and is still doing wonderful with it. Spots on liver had shrunk 30-40% with 1st CT and another 30-40% with 2nd CT. He started at 246 pounds and now weighs 252. I guess I just want to hear how other people are doing because a lot of the internet searches turn up things that are 5-10 years old and may not apply.
Seeing Dr. BassemChaar, MD,Sedalia,MO, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Hematology. He told us that he would never be a canidate for radiation. We are not clear why. The cancer has metastacized to his liver and we thought maybe it is because he several spots and they needed to be most concerned with that. The liver seems to be responding well but the tumor on the esophagus had not changed from 1st to 2nd...

Posts: 136
Joined: Jul 2012

Summary from other website.
Hang in there. Be careful. I would suggest you get to a GI Onco specialist, Esophageal Cancer specialist.
This is the website discussion board I was referring to with several active survivors.

In my husband's case, though everyone is different, Chemo alone was not enough. 6 good months, he could eat, but then Chemo alone stopped working he passed away in 10 months. You have to be very careful about treating that liver while handling the Esphogeal tumor.
For doctor questions, if I may suggest, get a simple notebook, write down questions for doctors whenever you think about them, even while your at work, you two can write down together, and/or write seperately. There's so much coming at you, it can be hard to remember questions at the doctor's office.
For your own piece of mine, go see the Radiologist directly. Second opnions are always a good thing. I know its another appointment and that's the last thing you want, but suggest you go anyway.

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