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Lung cancer with mets to the brain 2x's this second time

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I had a brain mets removed in January didn't have radiation because i was told some of my short term memory will be affected by the radiation permanently. well decided not to radiate. five months later a larger met was found. had it removed and did the radiation. now here i am bald again, and i do not like wigs too hot and if your head gets hot you just don't whip off the wig. it would be like a model tripping on the runway.
So to counteract the scar running down the right side of my head I am thinking of having my head hennaed with a nice pattern. but am unsure of how the scalp would react as it is still a sensitive.
Anyone have any ideas or know of someone who has done this with radiated skin. I can find lots about chemo hair loss and henna but the radiation tenderness is the concern.

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When my mom lost her hair from chemotherapy she too hated wearing wigs! Lol. They really enjoyed wearing silk scarves though. They come in different patterns and colors and they really do look beautiful. I'm not too sure about getting the henna on the scalp, I would imagine there might be some risks being that it's still tender. Have you talked to a doctor about it yet?

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I also brain mets and had wbr,my hair has not grown bac in 2 yrs and to tell the truth it dosn't bother me I have a whole collection of hats and love them some are sporthy some are nice my hair does grow on the sides and back and if I don't cut it I look like Bozo lol, on the bright side I can get out of the shower and be ready in no time I do have wigs but really don't like wearing them good luck on your decision

sleepless in jersey
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When Mom went to see the Rad Doc (she was very blunt) after surgery told her a few things, but the one that stuck in Mom's head was "YOUR GOING TO LOSE YOUR HAIR" well... mom was a mess and cried. Doc said your hair... that's what your upset about?? You have CANCER, the heck with your hair! I thought you heartless son of a gun....we'll 19 mos. later I love that bald head. It's like you heard, hair on the sides and than in the back it's Charlie Chaplins mustache. Mom has 2 wigs, but, wears them when she has to, otherwise wears cute hats from like kohl's store etc.

Good luck with whatever you choose and what makes you comfortable.

God Bless

Mom who’s 62 now. Has been DX 1/3/11 NSCLC (Adeno) Triple mutation neg. 10 days of WBR and brain surgery 1/11, started Carboplatin/Alimta/Zameta and B12, showed 1 tumor growing switched TX to Taxotere/Zameta 5/11 too many side effects, tumors have grown, port put in 8/11, thoracenteses x2 neg.- CA, pleurodesis on both lungs 8/11 & 10/11. Gemzar 8/11 growth and too many side effects.11/16/11 started Navelbine. 5//12 scans showed some growth to chest wall, switch to Topotecan. 7/12 progression with several brain mets, poss leptomeningeal disease (declined lumbar puncture). Tarceva 7/12

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