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NED for Tim6003 - thank you all for tucking me in!!!

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Posts: 1511
Joined: Nov 2011

Hey all...

MY scan was NED!!!!

Thank you all very much for your prayers, thoughts, well wishes...

My kids left the power cord to the computer at the clinic (let them use it while I got the news) so computer was dead the next day and got home late (3 hour drive back home)....

Worked all day the next day and today when I realized I had not posted on ACS site...(thought I did...chemo brain...LOL)

I did post it on my facebook page :)

You guys are the best!!


Posts: 269
Joined: Jun 2012

That is wonderful news. I was getting worried, kept checking a couple times a day. Congrats on
the NED.

Posts: 269
Joined: Jun 2012

That is wonderful news. I was getting worried, kept checking a couple times a day. Congrats on
the NED.

Posts: 1914
Joined: May 2012

Fantastic news ! I am so excited and happy for you ! # 3 that I have read on the recent posts....holy cow we are definately blessed ! Warmest wishes to you and your family Tim ! Katie

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Hi Tim,

The results to your scan is NED and that is oh so very good and your delay in posting this very important snippet of earth changing news is forgivable. I just now took you and Phrannie out of my pocket (this pocket thing of Phrannnie’s really works).

So what about the (very painful) upside down thumb? Or did a night in a hotel fix it (air conditioning)?

I don’t know about this site, now I find myself worrying about more things (people) out of my control. Rest up, enjoy the wife and kids and try not to work to hard.



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Pam M
Posts: 2196
Joined: Nov 2009

How good does THAT feel? Wonderful to hear of your results. Keep it up.

osmotar's picture
Posts: 1005
Joined: Jul 2011

Congrats Tim!!!

VanessaSLO's picture
Posts: 283
Joined: Jul 2012

Congrats Tim, I'm soooooo happy to hear this! To be honest I was a bit worried because you didn't post your results for so long. I came here and check every hour to see if there is a post :).

This really is great news!

Kent Cass
Posts: 1898
Joined: Nov 2009

Great to hear the news, Tim. Many more.


Posts: 62
Joined: Jul 2012

Glad to hear Ned and hope many more.


hwt's picture
Posts: 2330
Joined: Jun 2012

I posted on John's that I was getting scanxiety of my own just waiting for the posts. I was praying you were both out celebrating and that was why we had not heard. Couldn't be more thrilled with the posts today. God Bless!

Posts: 307
Joined: Mar 2012

Great news! Congrates! May there be always ned results for all scans.

Tonsil Dad's picture
Tonsil Dad
Posts: 489
Joined: Dec 2011

Great news Tim, may all your scans
be NED.

God blesss
Tonsil dad,


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Posts: 709
Joined: Dec 2011

sigh of relief~~~awesome news!

Skiffin16's picture
Posts: 8286
Joined: Sep 2009

When you coming fishing LOL....


Posts: 660
Joined: Mar 2012

Great news Tim, you are truly blessed and we can all see it thru your light and faithfulness, your beautiful family, and your FAITH, which you share with all of us and in your prayers you ask Jesus to be with everyone of us. You are in my opinion a special man and we are blessed to know you in the crazy cyber world of friends. God Bless

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Joined: Feb 2010

Glad you are done....don't shoot for "normal" too fast or you might get frustrated again - thats the voice of experience.


phrannie51's picture
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Joined: Mar 2012

so knew you were NED....CONGRATS Tim...It must have been a great relief to get your very first NED....You were having pain, so I know you were more nervous than you might have been.

Also glad to hear you've got the pain under control. Aren't we a funny bunch about pain control...my husband actually demanded two nights ago that I take the liquid Loratab...he could tell I was in a lot of pain, and was putting off taking any, because of things I think I need to get done. The thing is, what a relief to take it!! Pain really starts working on us physically and emotionally...and I didn't even realize I was getting so depressed.


Greg53's picture
Posts: 848
Joined: Apr 2010

Great news Tim! Congrats!!


Tim6003's picture
Posts: 1511
Joined: Nov 2011

So much appreciate all of you ...thank you from the bottom of my heart! My wife (Jennifer) says thank you too!!



Hondo's picture
Posts: 6643
Joined: Apr 2009

I love hearing great news and a NED report is always one that is great to hear.

God bless

jim and i's picture
jim and i
Posts: 1788
Joined: May 2011

Doing the happy dance for that NED!!!


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