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Lortab vs. OxyContin

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Doc switched me from 7.5 lortab to 5 mg OxyContin. Apparently my liver does not like acetaminophen. I'm nervous about the OxyContin. Is it going to make me feel all messed up or will the effects be much the same as the lortab?

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I never had the Lortab before, but have had the liquid and tablet form of Oxy....

Nothing as for drugged feelings or reactions.

Only reactions I had was to knock the edge off of any pain I was having.

I'm sure like everything, each of us react differently to any given drug or event.


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Ingrid K
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I had good luck with the oxy as well.....never left me feeling loopy, but I may have a high tolerance for opiates...I hope they work well for you also. I would just be extra observant for the first few days to see how your body reacts to a new drug.

Good Luck !

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but I had Narco which is hydrocodone and aceptophedimine (sp) ...the hydro did good for me.


Kent Cass
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Think the Lortab is hydrocodone, or a generic name it goes by, or some such. I did not have Oxycontin, but did have hydro in chopped-up pill form, only. Only liquid was Morph. Know of others who've had the Oxy, and it did help, and was comparable to hydro. Best of luck with this issue.


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I have never taken Oxycontin so can't help on that one. Lortab and Norco both contain Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen. Lortabs have 500 mg of Acetaminophen in them and Norco only has 325 mg of Acetaminophen I believe. I have been using the Lortab Elixir and it doesn't make me groggy but makes me rest better at night. I was just using Ibupofen Liquid but my platelets got too low and they made me quit using it. Hoping to get off all of it before long.

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Well it doesnt make me loopy but it gives me a headache. :o/

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Lortab (hydrocodone) has always worked for me. I use it daily. I've had oxycodone (which I believe is a relative of oxycontin) but it never did a thing for pain with me. If your stomach is not handling the acetaminephin in the hydrocodone very well, you can get lower doses of it. I went from 10/500 to 10/325. The second number is the amount of acetaminephin. As a matter of fact, I got back from my latest dilation a few hours ago and am getting ready to go get another dose. Throat is very sore today. Oh, another weird fact, Lortab works for me but Tylenol #3 doesn't. Basically, they are the same drug. One is just synthetic. Just goes to show you we are all different. What works for some, doesn't for others.

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My stomach was fine, it was my liver that didn't like it. Doc said no Lortab and no Tylenol from now on. :o/

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I believe there is a combination Hydrocodone/ibuprofen. Maybe you could ask your doctor about that. Just another thought

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