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Colon Cancer Survivor Needed

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Hello! My name is Carlos. My wife was diagnosed with Colorectal cancer last April and is currently receiving chemo treatment. She is having problem finding someone that has already gone through or is going through this experience here in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am hoping to find a colorectal cancer survivor for her to talk to. She would like the opportunity to discuss experiences and expectation with whomever. Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Carlos

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Sorry to hear about your wife having colon cancer. This is a great site to meet other colon cancer people. Hopefully you will find somebody from Honolulu. I'm from Indiana which isn't Hawaii!! Have your wife post questions or talk about what she is going through and I'm sure she will get responses. I will pray she fights this crazy cancer with all her might. Jeff

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If she is looking for someone she can actually meet and talk to, has she checked with the local American Cancer Society there? I checked the Support Programs for your area and there seem to be many. Give them a call and they should be able to connect her with someone.

As mentioned by another, this site is a good source for learning from the experiences of others. Just post the questions or concerns and those who can help will.

Best wishes for your wife and the family,

Marie who loves kitties

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Ask your Oncologist and Doctor about local support groups. We have them listed in the local paper, and it was the same in California. There is also here. Many blow off steam or seek answers to questions. This forum was very valuable for me. People answered questions or gave me ideas of what I was going to experience and how to prepare.

Best Always, mike

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Nana b
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This a great place to start. Finding someone with the same treatment plan is one thing, but we all respond differently, so posting here may get her responses to different symptoms.

Hope that she feels comfortable enough to come on this board.

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Your among friends here.
It's harder on the partner.

Ask away.


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