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OK ~ PET ~ Now It's Official

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OK, thanks to all for your thoughts, prayers and concerns.

This afternoon around 2:00PM, I did pick up the results from my PET scan I had yesterday morning.

This was my 4th post Tx PET scan since finishing up treatment in June 2009. So far I can't really say the scanxiety gets much better...well I'm sure my first few were probably the hardest.

Anyways, my "unofficial" results, meaning I read them myself and don't see the MD until next week....

My "unofficial results"...

No evidense of disease, and no changes since the last PET in July 2011.


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The above are the two main indicators of thyroid function.

Yes, radiation is usually the culprit to failure in our case.

You should be having your TSH and Free T4 levels monitored post rads with each CBC blood lab you have.

Easiliy treated with synthetic hormones like Sythroid and Levaquin.

My TSH had been trending above normal levels for a few years post rads.... Not extremely high, high is above 5.0 or 5.5 depending on where you look.

Mine had been up around the 7 level for several CBC's.

I did try the minimal dose of Synthroid 25 micrograms. But for what ever reason it would cause my pulse to elevate and seemed to raise my BP... My ENT says it shouldn't do either...anyways something did, LOL.

While I too kit for about a month, my TSH did drop to mid 2 range. He said to quit for now as mine wasn't that high as of yet.

He says hormones are relatively not understood very well...some people can have high levels and not be affected, others could be in range and have problems.

My main problem was early evening fatigue...just worn out around 7:00PM or so.

Anyways, my levels went back to high 6's for another year or so....

Then for some reason the last two CBC labs within the last 9 months or so have the levels right at 5.02ish...in range for their scale.


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GFR is another thng to keep an eye on during CBC. It's an indicator of kidney function...


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Thank you, John. I've got them on my list. You're the backbone of this site and an asset to those of us trying to find our way. Very much appreciated!

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Good luck on your follow-up, hope everything turns out awesomexcellent....


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So great to hear the news, especially at the three year mark!

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Way to go John.



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Jan Trinks
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Sorry to be amiss in not checking in earlier; but thrilled with your pet scan. Keep up the good work. We need you!

Jan (Basketcase)

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Sounds like you have been busy as usual, your K9 family is looking good too.

Thoughts & Prayers to you and family.


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So happy to hear it!

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Great news, my friend. Always good to hear more success.

Take care and to many more...cheers.



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