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Bladder injured during hysterectomy?

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have any of you sustained a bladder injury as a result of a hysterectomy? The oncologist said everything looked absolutely normal at my 6 month checkup this week (yesss!) and attributed the bleeding, blood clot and abdominal pain (which pain I've had since the hysterectomy) to the bladder. I've read that if you had endometriosis, it can attach to the uterus and cause problems when the uterus is removed. I've also read about the bladder being nicked or clamped in the wrong place during surgery. I have an appt with a urologist at the end of the month.

I'm very grateful that there's no cancer remaining but I'd like to get to the bottom (no pun intended) of the pain and blood.

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Yes there are errors made during surgery. If the surgeon knew that they nicked your bladder you would have been told. That being said the surgeon could have nicked or knicked your bladder and not been aware of it. Usually if that happened you would have seen bloody urine immediately after surgery. See a urologist as soon as possible,

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