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Cisplatin. What to eat?

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I had round 1 of 6 yesterday. My appetite isn't too bad, but I don't feel like cooking. Because of IBS I can't eat frozen foods (plus they're bad anyway). It's literally 100 degrees outside, so soup doesn't sound too good.

Any ideas?



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I found that white foods were the best--pasta, mashed potatoes, bagels with cream cheese, yogurt.

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Glad to be done
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That is a tuff one when it comes to being hot out... I ate mostly soup or just boullion on the days my stomach was off and that was about it. Mashed potatoes were always a favorite go to food for me too.... Have you tried jello?? Im not sure if that would make matters worse. I would eat yogurt every morning or anytime really. Activia is good because of the probiotics. Helps to keep you going inside if you know what I mean. Cisplatin is a binder for some and a runner for others. For me it was a binder.. BAD... I am sorry you are going through this but if it helps any it worked for me and did the job so my fingers are crossed that after all you are going through it does the job for you too....


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about potatoes. I had mine cut into chunks, nuked and a pat of margarine on top. It was all I wanted to eat for a while.


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Tina Brown
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I have found that listening to you body really works for me. Your body knows what it needs. I always fancy eggs and I love to have poached eggs on white toast. Potatoes are another safe bet for me along with white pasta. Cisplatin gave me diarrhoea like cramps so all of the "low residue" diet stuff (No fibre) really helped. I can't have much fibre in my diet anyway because of my bowel problems so this diet worked for me.

Tina xxx

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All kinds of "soup"! If you like cantalopes, it makes a great chilled soup. So does cucumber and cold potato soup. Really cold smoothies of fresh fruit. I know the sugar can be a problem, but while on chemo,in the hospital, I practicly lived on fruit trays brought to the treatment rooms. Hope you feel better soon!debrajo

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I find that eating well after cisplatin can really help get you back on your feet. I don't usually have an appetite for the days after infusion, but I find things like ice pops and fruit taste good to me. Try to eat small meals every couple of hours and drink lots of fluids.
((((HUGS))) Maria

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Glad to be done
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Carla how are you feeling?

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Glad to be done
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Carla how are you feeling?

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