Scan results

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Ok.. Got some good news today thought I would share.
Bone Scan showed no signs of metastises.. yea!!
CT - showed no changes in existing mets.. and in fact measured some in both nodes and they were all less than 1 cm which could be a sign that some of them are non cancerous.. yea.. and there was no new growth... Yea!! (lung nodules commonly develope in everyone from broncitises and pnuemonias.. may have some and not know it unless you have a breathing issue and are not cancer)
Will continue with present chemo's but will be considering pulling back in the near future... yea!... Doc said I am strong as I have stayed on full doses and only partial pull back on bio agent which is normal as tollerance is harder.
Next scan in 3 months will determine future plans..
Thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers.. Keep them coming.. ♥

Hope you don't mind.. I just copied what I posted ot Facebook yesterday..


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    Well what a great post to read!!!! Congratulations!
    You must feel a huge relief.
    Have some fun today :)
    Take care,
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    Good news... we will take
    Good news... we will take it! Glad things are positive for you.
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    All good news! Enjoy!

    All good news! Enjoy!
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    Congrats to U!
    As you say, "Yea!"


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    Great news!
    So happy for good news! Are you still on Folfox? Take care and enjoy the day!
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    This is just great news. I'm so happy for you to know things are under control. I will pray they stay this way and for you to have fun and enjoy every minute. Jeff
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    You go Girl!
    Great results, Donna! C'mon on over and the drinks are on me!
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    Such good news
    Happy for you!
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    Great news! So happy to hear you are doing well.

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    That is wonderful news and sounds like it's going in the right direction. Good news from the doctor as well.

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    That is wonderful news and sounds like it's going in the right direction. Good news from the doctor as well.


    Great news, so happy for
    Great news, so happy for you :)
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    That is awesome news. I am
    That is awesome news. I am so glad to hear that.
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    Great news!
    So glad to hear! Celebrate!
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    Great News Donna!
    Congrats and Cheers!

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    omrhill said:

    Great News Donna!
    Congrats and Cheers!


    Congrats Donna
    And so glad to read your good news! Here's to Positive Results...

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    scan results
    Your post is nothing but great news. Yea for you!!!
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    So happy to hear
    So happy to hear good response to chemo. Prayers for your continued good response.
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    just great news
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    Great report!

    Great report!

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    hey that is great news! so happy for you!!!