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Hemoglobin 6 after chemo....anyone experienced this.

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Hi - have any of u experienced a hgb as low as 6 a week after chemo (during that week a unit of blood was given prior to chemo b/c it was low)? A week later hgb = 6. On lovenox b/c of clots discovered at diagnosis of recurrent ovarian cancer - cancer now in omentum, inoperable and no bowel sounds since last intestinal blockage surgery 8 weeks ago. Now hgb is plummeting. Fear of internal bleeding. Only 56.

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Hi Margie
So sorry you are having such a tuff time. My hemoglobin fell pretty low after my last round of chemo. I was very weak and short of breath at times. It took a couple weeks to recover. However I did not have to receive any blood. I did not have a blockage either though. Why are you inoperable? Have you had a ct scan lately? Praying for you now margie.

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Margie, my Hgb went down to 8 after my 5th chemo. I received 2 units of red cells 2 days after the chemo, because for the first week to 10 days post chemo the Hgb will continue to go down! I, too, was out of breath and dizzy during the day. It took a week after the transfusion to feel a little better. By the time I had the 6th chemo (3 weeks later) it was back down to 8 again. Had another transfusion 2 days post chemo, and recovery took even longer! I hope you will feel better soon.

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went down to 8 and I was given blood at the ER.


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