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Remove ovaries but leave uterus?

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Was reading through a couple of earlier posts and was just wondering if there is a reason to leave the uterus in and only take the ovaries out in a menopausal woman? I undertand the reasoning behind taking the uterus out (if warranted) and leaving the ovaries in but don't get the opposite. Especially in menopause, doesn't seem to be any reason not to take the uterus out as well. Am I missing something?

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Dr. Paty commented to me that healthy organs left in place help block the spread of appendix cancer - let any spread be picked up on the uterus, where it is easy to remove, rather than spreading further afield.

He sees leaving healthy organs in as natural barriers, which is why, unlike other Appendix cancer specialists, he does not routinely remove organs in his debulking surgery, only removing what needs to go. (He left my spleen and gall bladder, both of which are commonly removed during the MOAS for HIPEC).

You should ask your dr the reasoning behind leaving the uterus without ovaries...


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