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Results of Pet CT Scan

miss maggie
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Hello to my dear family,

The Pet CT scan taken July 30 is still negative for activity. I am still in remission.

To those who are not familiar with my DX: In September 2009 I was rushed to the
hospital with terrible pain. After a CT scan, it was noted my small bowel
perforated. I was rushed into surgery. I was in ICU for one week, then 2 more weeks
in the hospital. Total 3 weeks. Please note, I was feeling great with no symtoms
what so ever. Nadda. Surgery resected the small bowel.

A biopsy was taken. The perforation was caused by NHL. My dx was Marginal, stage 1,
low grade, indolent B cell NHL. Sub type: Extranodal marginal zone B Cell NHL.
I was treated only with Rituxan once weekly for 4 weeks in Dec 2009.

I try and understand all I have been reading over the years since being DX. Once
again I went over my concerns with my oncologist yesterday. Indolent, Low grade
NHL can appear again or transform. She stated, if it appeaars again, it maight
be 5 years or 10 years. Or never return.

I will be seeing her in 6 months, Feb 2013. I suppose she will order extensive
blood work then. She doubts there will be another Pet CT scan for awhile. For me,
this frightens me. I know the radiation is high, but. Do I trust the extensive
blood work? I know a Pet CT scan shows the true story. Also, how I feel day to day.

Some of you are wondering. Be happy with the results and not worry about later on.
I can't say I am worrying about tomorrow. I am thrilled with the results. I just
can't get it out of my head what happened in Sept 2009. There was no warning.

Maybe some of you feel as I do at times. I just had to share what is going on
in my head. There is a thought that comes to mind. Once being DX with cancer,
your life is never the same. Always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Love all of you my family. I will always be there for everyone. Love, hugs. Maggie

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Hi Maggie,

I'm so glad you got good news ☺.

I think anxiety over recurrence will always be with us and
that's normal. I am already getting very anxious about my
scan, blood work and oncologist visit on Thursday.

Yes, I'm very scared the cancer will return and though I was very
fortunate that I did well in most aspects of my treatment, I really
don't want to go through any of it again.

You are right - life is not the same but on a positive note,
I think for many of us, a deeper appreciation of life and what
really matters has been a result of this journey. Hell of a way
to realign our priorities but beneficial all the same.

As far as waiting for the other shoe to drop, I hope it's
one of those cheap flip flops I fondly remember from childhood :).

Hugs and thank you for being here, Maggie.


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That's wonderful Maggie. Please keep us in your prayers to get good results tomorrow... My Dad never went into remission it's been over a yr we've been dealing with this I don't want it to be a relapse right after sct... I so badly want my Dad to be cured along with everyone dealing with this c disease...

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Max Former Hodg...
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You doc told you that an indolent cancer can return many years later, correctly. My cancer was a very indolent form, so I have read that argument many times. I know the concern.

ANY cancer can return, either the same, or morphed into something else. The gravatational field of Jupiter might deflect an asteroid, and cause it to hit the Philippine Islands. But it won't. Cow methane might spark off and burn down a barn in Kansas, but it won't.

I have been plastered three times in severe auto crashes over the years. No one "saw it coming," but it did. I drive today, and am looking to get a motorcycle.

Please do not sit around for ten years wringing your hands, thinking about what "might" happen."

You deserve peace and relaxed happiness instead.


miss maggie
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Dear Family,

I need a good hard knock in the you know what. Thanks for reminding me to enjoy
each day and not wait for the next shoe to drop.

Even though once having cancer you're life can never be the same. It doesn't mean
you have to spend your days worrying about it.

Dear Jim and Lisha, both of you will be waiting for results of your scans. I imagine
Jim you will want to know the results on Friday. Lisha, today is the day for your
results. Please, please let the doctor's know why my friend is suffering so. Positve
energy for Jim.

Max, I worry about you on a motorcycle. Think about it. It makes no sense to look
for trouble. A motorcycle is so dangerous.

Liz, thank you for remembering. Love and worry about you all. Love Maggie

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Hi Miss Maggie,
That's wonderful news! I know that it's hard to enjoy the great news...always waiting for the bubble to burst. But we can't live like that...you have to enjoy life because anything can go wrong not just the cancer coming back. Try to do something that will get your mind off of the cancer, anything that will help you get past the fear! I know I will probably feel like you sweet Maggie when I ever reach remission but I will try my hardest to move forward with my life. I have been thinking a lot about that and I have decided to go back to school and really do something that I really like (not that pays good)! You take care of yourself, enjoy life, and be happy! Sending you positive thoughts (((hugs)))


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Dear Maggie

What wonderful wonderful news. Celebrate and go enjoy your life. You so deserve that.

There is much joy in another's remission. It brings hope. Hope that we all can reach that wonderful place you continue to be in.

All the best Maggie dear. I keep you close in my heart. You have given me a reason to smile today!


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