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Thinking good thoughts...

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Hi guys,
Just want you to know I'm thinking good positive thoughts for all of you. I've read all of the current comments, but do not have time to answer each one. The fishing is great, so we are hitting it hard and then resting when we are back at the cottage. The weather is "HOT", so we are getting out in the early morning and evening and then sleeping during the hottest part of the day. So far we have caught our limit of two fish(each), so it looks like the freezer will be jam packed for the winter. Will share pictures when we get home after the 19th. Please know you are all in my prayers. Much love....Sue

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Hey Sue,

Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes.
Catch fish and have fun!

We do miss you :) and I'm sure you miss that grandbaby (maybe?) ;).



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That's great sue. Thank you for not forgetting us...lots of luv prayers...glad you're enjoying yourself...

miss maggie
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My sweet Sue,

I agree, it is so difficult to answer each post. I too read each post and silently
say a prayer.

It is troubling we have so many new people on our site. I wish it were not so.

Sue, you paid your dues, enjoy your vacation. The days pass too quickly.

To all, You are always in my prayers. Love Maggie

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