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HBOT Questions - did we make the right decision?

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My husband (age 61) was diagnosed with Stage 3 tonsil cancer (HPV+) in October of 2011. He had a tonsillecomy followed by 7 weeks of radiation and 2 treatments of chemo. He went through treament well and we thought he was getting better. Then in May he had trouble talking and had pain in his throat. ENT did a scope and said there was a small bone stuck - probably came loose from the very agressive radiation treatment. He had surgery to remove and was getting better again until 3 weeks ago. He felt like he had to cough and blood came pouring out of his mouth and nose. We rushed him to the ENT. Emergency surgery showed some small blood vessels had ruptured. They did an angiogram to make sure the main arteries were ok. They were. Diagnosis was necrosis - tissue/blood vessel damage. Blood was also not getting to his bones. We talked to several doctors - including teaching hospitals and they recommended HBOT therapy. 30 90 minutes treatments daily. He has just finished his 14th treatment. Has anyone had this or heard of it? It's not painful but he seems to be very tired. Doctors all say this is normal but nothing that has happened to him has seemed normal. The more research I've done the more conflicted I am. Some say it is excellent for curing and healing dead or dying tissue. Some other blogs say it is a last resort and surgery should be done first. I thought we had done our homework and made the right decision. Now I am not so sure. Does anyone at all have any experience/knowledge? Please help!

P.S. he has had 1 clean PET and CT but they want to wait on the other PET until after his HBOT treament.

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and you should stop stressing about it. Yes I've heard about it and you will find some information here on this site under the "Super thread" which has lots of FAQ kind of stuff. I don't see why surgery wouldn't still be an option later if needed. There was no right or wrong decision, it was merely a decision which was right for you. Give it a few more sessions and see if things don't get better.

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Like mentioned, it's a very viable Tx for his situation...

It's used quite frequently in conjunction with tooth extraction to help force blood flow in the lower jaw especially.

Blood flow to help heal and recover...


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I have to undergo same tx before my dental implants are put in. My surgeon said I had to wait 6 months from last day of radiation to begin. I understand they use it to heal wounds that otherwise aren't healing so apparently there is something to it. I hope it does the trick for your husband.

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As a recipient of 124 HBO treatments, I will say that it is very normal to be extremely tired. For some reason, it takes a lot out of you. Another problem your husband may have trouble with is his vision. It affects the lens in the eyes. I never had that problem because before I underwent the treatments, I had surgery for cataracts that replaced the lenses in both eyes. Don't worry about that though. From what I hear, your vision does return to normal after a couple months. Take care and good luck.

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to everyone for replying. He's been having quite a bit of swelling in his face the last couple of days and his voice is really changed. See the ENT tomorrow for a followup so will hope for the best! Thanks again for responding!

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