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I was reading through some old posts trying to learn about the mucus. Mine isn't that bad it I wanted to arm myself with knowledge. I found some posts about Coke and I thought no way... But here is what I discovered just now:

1. It really doesn't burn my mouth and throat even though the side of my tongue is raw and my throat is a little sore!
2. I can kind of taste it and all the other sodas I tried tasted like dirt!
3. It really is easier to swallow than water!!!
4. It cut the mucus and thick saliva away immediately!

I have only taken a few sips. One to rinse my mouth out and then two or three tiny sips I actually swallowed. I was afraid it was going to burn really bad and am still in a state of disbelief that it didn't. Crazy...

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I bought Coke to clean my tube....and one day I was so thirsty, and I thought I'm going to try some....it is the only pop I can stand the taste of, it really tastes like Coke, and not "soda water"....it only hurt a little...and it cut my thirst.

You're right on the money!


Kent Cass
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I found early-on post-tx that 7Up was great, and ginger ale, but for the life of me- I never woulda had the guts to try coke. And, yes, I had to use coke a couple times to clear my PEG, so I had it in the house...Can't help but wonder if Phrannie has a hobby of climbing Mount St.Helen's when volcanic activity is present, and Tuffe's hobby is jumping out of airplanes in a metro area!(LOL)


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Posts: 277
Joined: May 2012

Me and Phrannie are going to run with the bulls next year. After we swim with the Great Whites but before we go to Samoa to get the traditional Samoan tattoos which are tapped into the skin using a mallet and serrated bone. Go big or go home!!!

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I don’t drink pop much but found that Coke and 7-UP go down pretty good and it does help break up the mucus (some). I tried soda water early on and it burned, so I did not try that again. Like you I do taste it a little, but I still prefer water overall.



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Coke works? I'm game to try but I have a problem with caffeine. I have decaf coke, do you think it would work?

I found that sipping warmed liquids helped with the mucus as well. Campbell's Chicken soup was great, the broth had taste and the noodles were easily swallowed, but the chicken pieces were another story.

Still, I'm ready to experiment and if Coke will cut the mucus, I'm all for it.


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Tonsil Dad
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I was reading remidys on cutting thick saliva / mucus, here they are

Swish then swallow papaya juice from a glass not metal to cut thick saliva


Mix 1 teaspoon of Adolph's unflavored meat tenderizer in 1 cup of water,
swish and gargle, but do not swallow.

I have not tried these as I have never suffered with the mucus problem
but they are from Learningplaceonline.com/nutrition ( no affiliation to me )

Maybe worth a try.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Posts: 277
Joined: May 2012

Yeah I don't think caffeine is an important part of the equation.

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I have never been a coke fan but might have to try it. I am usually a diet dr pepper fan, have been drinking Dr Pepper 10 the past few days and have found the same thing. Cuts the mucous and doesn't taste half bad. I have not been able to drink a lot of water as it all tastes salty?? I just put extra water down the tube.

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but would drink a Pepsi now and again...by the time I get back to full time eating and drinking....I'll be eating liver with my Coke (gawd, gag me with a spoon just for saying that)LOL...but our tastes do seem to change.


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Kinda weird but when my husband finished his radiation, he really enjoyed red wine. Just about a half a glass a night but said he could really enjoy the flavor and he wasn't a red wine drinker before that.

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I was a die hard pepsi drinker before my cancer journey I thought once I healed up because I was so red and raw around my trach and my throat was so raw I could barely swallow ice chips. With the help of liquid pain meds and zofran by pick line there were my friends almost 2 months past 38 rads and 6 chemo right before i got to come home in May 2011 prior to being in a rehab skilled nursing home. I to found out with my 2nd feeding tube if it got glogged up to put some in my tube. Got my 2nd feeding tube out 3 weeks ago and I now drink coke everyday not pepsi and it tastes great bjw1955

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Posts: 277
Joined: May 2012

That's awesome!

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When I was treated (I kept all of my teeth)in 1996 my Dr told me that without saliva I should never drink sodas because the sugar and acid would play havoc with my teeth. He said if I insisted to at least drink diet soda with no sugar. I've taken his advice for over 16 years and have only lost one tooth. I found club soda helped me cut the mucus.

I have poured it down my tube and still do.


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I'm still using prescription fluoride to hopefully hang on to my teeth...that's a big issue for those of us who are saliva-challenged.
only thing that would tempt me with sugared soda is the calories--need that weight gain--but no. teeth are more important.
I'll test the club soda.

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Posts: 277
Joined: May 2012

I'm kind oD fanatical about my teeth, so I've only taken a few sips and immediately rinsed with water.

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It did work for me. I tried sipping on some coke to help deal with the mucas. My mouth started to burn right away. it did not help.

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I used it and it is caffeine free!!

Bottom line is I'm glad you found something that helps...the mucous is horrible!!!



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Hi, My name is Cindy. I read your post today. I am new here. My husband is only able to drink water. He has a feeding tube and that is pretty much what he uses. He is sooooo bored with water. He say's he can't eat, but he still has cravings for something with taste. So, I was reading this post today and he tried a Dr. Pepper. He said it tasted like soda water. So tomorrow, I am going out and get him a coke and see how he does with that. Wish us luck!!! He also said it helped with the thick mucus!

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only one soda works for me, Mug root beer. the other root beers do not. someone told me it has sassafras in it. i don't know but it works.
try some gin in it.


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