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my husband has been diagnosed w/peritoneal mesothelioma

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We were given this news about a month ago and are still reeling from it. How are others being treated with this rare cancer?

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Hey! I was diagnosed with this in Sept. 2011. I had HIPEC surgery in Oct. 2011, and am currently considered cancer free. There are lots of options out there. You can contact me if you wish: baseballgirl71@gmail.com.


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Hi there, My father was diagnose with liver cancer about 6 months ago but yesterday he was also diagnose with peritoneal cancer. We are really scare how was the treatment process for you?

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So glad to hear that you're cancer free! It seems to be quite difficult to find men that have this at an early stage. My husband's meso. was found accidently when he had hernia surgery and a biopsy was done. The HIPEC surgeon recommended 3 rounds of cisplatin and then plans to do the HIPEC after the chemo. Thanks for sharing your good news with me. Take care. Jan

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A friend had it, and was treated with intraeritoneal chemo for it (not HIPEC - Sloan Kettering doesn't do HIPEC, they find comparable results with the non-heated chemo.

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The only thing I know about mesothelioma is that it can be connected with exposure to asbestos. I'm sorry your husband has been diagnosed. I also know that it can affect the lungs and the peritoneum which is where many people here are affected too. I hope that you find support here. The course of the illness is similar to ovarian and primary peritoneal. I'm not sure if there is an actual board on this site for mesothelioma but I know that people on this particular part of it will well understand what your husband (and you) will be going through. Hugs to you... x

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Thanks for responding to me, PatsieD. We're not quite as numb as we were at the beginning of his diagnosis. This is a journey that has definitely changed our lives and we find every new day a gift from God! We have asked all our friends to pray that his cancer is destroyed while his good cells are protected. His blood count during this first round of cisplatin has stayed at normal, so we are thankful for that. Hugs to you too. Jan

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