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Leukemia treatments

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I have AML.

I have gone through the first 30 days of treatment following with 4 other treatments, a week in the hospital every month. They are setting up my bone marrow biopsy, which HURTS me sooooooooo bad, as you know, surely.

Let's say the biopsy comes back okay...what, if anything, do they usually do after?

Any information is greatly appreciated. This has been a horrid ride and I just want to know what is left to expect.


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Hi so sorry for your dx. I read an article on this board about bone marrow biopsy and so many people complained about the pain. My daughter has All and had several bone biopsy and never felt pain. I don't understand why so many people complained about this. Talk to your Doctor and ask if they can do something better, I know that they can help you with pain or anesthesia. I am not too sure, but if your bone marrow results comes back clean (and I hope) you probably would still have to finish your treatment. I know the horrible ride you must have had, but from what you are saying I think that you did very well. My daughter was in ICU and had a terrible infection which almost killed her. She is scheduled for 8 treatments and is going tuesday for her 5 which is a combination of chemo and is very toxic (horror of horrors) I hope you continue doing well and manage to kill this beast. All the best and make sure you talk to your docs about the pain. I will write you again and give you the post that talk specifically about the pains. the person who spoke about does not have cancer, she is a nurse and is really mad that patients have to go through pain. Hope you keep in touch. j.. Go in to Bone Marrow Biopsy and go down the the last blog it is called "twinkle 100." read it and see what she talked about pain.

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