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Troubles after session six

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I finished up session six, ten days ago . Thought I would better but am still very shaky and weak .Pain in legs seems to be going away but cannot get rid of this shakiness and weakmness and horrible taste in mouth. Need to hear how it was for you after the sixth treatment. Thought it would be easier..... Thanks for all your support. I need it at this point.

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It does take a while for all those nasty symptoms to go away. Keep up your liquid intake - it helps to flush everything out of your body, and being hydrated helps you to feel better. I wish it were easier for you, but it is a process that will just take some time. You'll get better for sure.

(((HUGS))) & Prayers,


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2timothy1 7
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Hi there, I understand how you feel. My hemoglobin dropped way down after 6th treatment, causing extreme weakness and shortness of breath upon climbing stairs. Yes it also took a while for taste to be regular for me also. I too thought I would have recovered quicker. But it does get better.

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about bloodwork to make sure all your levels are okay. As I have mentioned in other posts it is hard to know when you are chemo sick or it is something that requires medical attention. My potassium dropped so low, my hands and feet were seizing and I ended up not being able to speak right. I thought I was having a stroke. It was so scary. I should have gone to the ER much sooner but each day I thought I might feel better.


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Glad to be done
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I agree with karen. You should call your doc and get some blood work done. I just got off potassium pillcause my potassium and magnesium were so low because of treatment. I am still on magnesium pills. 4 a day. I am on slo mag. When my potassium was low I was very very dizzy. when I would stand up from a laying or sitting postion my blood pressure would plummet and I would just about pass out....
Call doc in the AM and get some tests done...... Your symptoms sound just like I did when my potassium was low

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