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pathology report

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FS: Left breast-Wedge Biopsy
FS diagnosis: Infiltrating duct carcinoma
Received single bit aggregating 0.5 x o.4 cm.
infiltrating duct carcinoma,grade 3. Modified R B score 3+3+3=9
Desmoplasia necrosis and calcification are seen.
ER= POSITIVE(80% tumor cells show nuclear staining with moderate intensity,allred score 7/8
CERB B2 = POSITIVE (score 3)

CT SCAN OF thorax,abdomen and pelvis reveals:-
1.Enhancing malignant lesion in left breast measuring 6.94x3.02x5.09 cm
2.Enlarged lymph nodes in left supraclavicular(1.23x0.98cm)and left axillary(4.20x2.83x3.64cms) regions.
3.Pulmonary nodule in the apicoposterior segment of the left upper lobe measuring 1.12x0.89x0.84cms,metastasis is likely.
4.few normal sized lymph nodes in the right papatracheal and pretracheal regions.
5.gall stones.
6.All are normal

I want to know whether this cancer is cureable or not. because dr. is saying it is not cureable.What will be the servival rate for my mother, i want to know what will be the better tratment for the patient of this case.
I want the email id of best breast cancer onclogist.so that i can get the answers to my queries.

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So sorry about your Mother's cancer diagnosis.....only your oncologist can tell you what treatment is best....most likely after surgery of some type, chemo will be needed...and possibly radiation....or due to the size of the tumor, chemo maybe needed before surgery to shrink the tumor to make it's removal easier...but again, only your oncologist will determine what's best....breast cancer isn't a death sentence...it can be treated as a chronic disease...many of us on this board fall into this category as stage IV....there is no "cure" for bc...but it certainly can and does for many, go into remission and be called NED, no evidence of disease....I just read your profile and I see your mother is already undergoing chemo..just follow her oncologist's advice...they're the experts...wishing your mother the best and you too....

Please keep posting...this board is full of fantastic women, with first hand experience, in all stages of this journey...

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Cureable is such a strong word...to me it means the cancer can be eliminated and never come back. That may or may not be the case here...the oncologist is the best person to determine that.

BUT, mets is not an immediate death sentence. One can live for many happy years with mets, and there are several here doing just that. Treatment options are many and varied. In my case, the onc is always looking for that perfect balance between containing/reducing/eliminating the cancer and making sure I am still able to lead a happy productive life with my family.

I wish the best for you and your Mom. Please come back and let us know how things are going.



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are spot on. Many of us have been given very challenging and difficult diagnoses. The important thing is--there are many effective treatments that can work very well at keeping the cancer at bay allowing the patient to lead a very good life. There is no cure--but there are so many good treatments.

Most of us have the same mantra here--never, never give up. Hang in there, stay strong, and continue to help and support your mom in every way possible. You sound like a very caring, loving child.

Keep us posted--this board is a wonderful source of information, encouragement and love.

Hugs, Renee

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wow so much info-all I ever hear is tests good or not so good..never anything like you posted...

I am thinking of you...


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Alexis F
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I have infiltrating ductal carcinoma and I plan on living a very, very long time. Is this your Mother's path report? I don't see or don't understand where it says she has mets. It says mets is likely, but, it doesn't say 100% for sure. Am I missing something here that the others see?

I am sending prayers for your Mother and there is always hope, always. My onco says no one is ever cured from bc. I am in remission and that is fine with me! And, many live years and years with mets and even being stage IV. It is NOT a death sentence. And, many of those die from something totally unrelated to bc.

I think talking to her oncologist is indeed what you need to do. Write your questions down and make sure he answers them for you and your Mother.

Good luck,


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