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Well I made it, One more Radaition Treatment.

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Well I made it, Last more Radaition Treatment on Monday. Now recovering. My tonuge is horrable, It bleeds and full of blisters. My throat is also a mess. It is hard to swallow. My salave is the most horrable tasting stuff.
Can anyone give me and idea how long befor I will start to feel better.

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rad treatment!! :) No matter how you feel you don't have to pull yourself together for that but one more time.

You mouth sounds horrible and I do feel for you on that....mouth sores are the one thing guarenteed to make me want to crawl into a corner and withdraw. Give yourself a couple of weeks to begin healing....remember we "cook" for a couple of weeks after rads are done.


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Hi w6nnh,

If I understand your position correctly; I started feeling better right after a swig of magic mouth wash. To really feel better I had to wait until weeks after treatment was completed. You are almost through treatment and after the cool down period you should feel better. That is less pain, you still have to deal with all the other side effects (which you are).

Hydrate, rest and swallow.



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My sores were on my lips. I actually saw some improvement week 1 post Tx and by the end of week 2 they were gone. By week 5 I turned the corner on getting energy back and week 6 I was full of energy. Good advice from Matt...hydrate, rest and swallow!

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getting through rads is a big achievement, congrats!

the good news is that radiation can still 'cook' for weeks after treatments end. that's not bad, because tumors will continue to shrink for quite a while.
not so good is...because of the continued 'cooking', a burn developed on my neck a full two weeks after rads ended. it was raw and ugly--but silver sulfadiazene helped a lot.
recovery can be a 'two steps forward, one step back' kinda thing. hang in there.

Kent Cass
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to the above posts. And, congratulations on getting to the finish line- soon to be on to your 2nd chance at life.


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It seemed like my husband was better after about three weeks. He rinsed his mouth with Salt water about five times a day and it made a huge difference. I think just knowing it's over it worth it's weight in gold. Yay for you!!!

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