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My father's treatment

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Hey everybody!
I wasn't present on this forum for the last week since I was on vacation with my family.
Well, as some of you know, my father (57 yrs old) was dx with Stage IV SCC Base of tongue with multiple lymph nodes involved. As doctors have said those nodes were bigger problem than the primary cancer itself. Operation was out of the option because one lymph node (the largest one) was too close to the carotoid artery. So, his tx plan was radiation with concurrent chemo (Cisplatin).

Few days before tx started he found another lymph node a bit enlarged, but on the other side of the neck. Originally he had only one side (the left one) infected (the left side of the base of tongue and lymph nodes on the same side). Waiting period from dx to tx was almost two month so it was to expect that the cancer will spread a little more. After a needle biopsy also that new lymph node turned out to be cancerous.
On 25th July he started with rads for the both sides of the neck. He also has weekly Cisplatin chemotherapy.

Now there are already 8 rads behind him and 2 chemos... After his first chemo he had a bit of nausea and he was a bit tired. Nausea lasted for few days. He also had a lack of apetite but tried to eat anyway. Then he started to use prescribed medication for nausea and now he feels ok. He had his second chemo yesterday (he has them every Friday) and he feels ok. He started to feel that he has a little less saliva but nothing big yet. Probably the worst is yet to come.

He tries to be active every day - he and my mom are going for a long walk every evening and he does some things around the house and yard. But he also rests a lot and sleeps every afternoon.

Well, the good news is that his neck is almost normal - the lymph nodes are already much smaller and softer. Before the tx started his neck was really swollen on the left side. The lymph nodes were really big and tense. I didn't see him yet because I was on vacation and we live 70 miles away. But we speak on the phone every day and he says that he feels so much better now that he can move his head properly and those nodes are getting smaller.

Thank you all for support and prayers... I just wanted to keep you posted with our journey thru this desease. I hope that my dad will be the winner in the end as many of you here already are!

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So glad to hear that your Dad hasn't had allot of side effects. I hope it continues that way for him. Also, glad to hear you were able to take time out for a vacation. This journey is just as difficult for the caregivers and loved ones.

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as a 55-year-old dad who derived much strength and aid from his son during the rough times (and vice versa, I might add, lol)...your support makes all the difference. your Dad must be very proud to have you as a daughter. best wishes.

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i had almost the same dx and tx. i had 5 golf ball nodes wrapped around carotid and said they had to treat first with radiation and chemo. i had the same chemo plus 5fu.

when finished with treatments we waited 9 wks for scan, results showed something so they did surgery and it was just scar tissue.

I suggest that every time he has Cisplatin that three days later he get IV fluids, this will help with the reaction he probably with see on day four post chemo. i have suggested this with several local survivors and it has really helped them.

by the way, my treatments and surgery was 16 plus years ago. if i can do it your father(anyone) can.


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Thank you for updating us about your Dad. And I agree vacations are needed for us all, you are a wonderful support system for him ! Continued success for him in treatments and healing. Will be thinking of you all with positive thoughts and stay in touch ! Katie

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Thank you dear friends for your wonderful supportive words! God bless you all with long lasting health!
Thanks for advice and support!

He does feel a little bit sick today but nothing big. He drinks a lot of watter, gargles sage...

Yes, I went on vacation with my husband and 3-year daughter. I had 2 weeks off work and we went to the beach (Adriatic sea) where the smell of pine trees really filled "our bateries". I called my parents and said we will take them with us next summer to celebrate my father's victory over the big C. I truly believe he will get through this!
He is encouraged also because he can see his neck become normal again and not so swallen. It gives him hope that tx is working.

I'll stay in touch! God bless to all!

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