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Carsinosarcoma 3 C

Glider Girl
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Need information please! My mom, age 88, has uterine cancer--carsinosarcoma Stage 3C1. She's had a hysterectomy and now has declined follow up treatment. I respect and understand this decision. From what I have read this is an aggressive cancer with poor prognosis. Can anyone help me understand what's ahead and how fast it will/may be? Just joined this board. Please respond online or through a personal message.
Glider Girl

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Hi so sorry about mom, but no one knows the out come of her illness. How is she feeling? Is she strong enough for follow-up treatment? Her decision is really a personal thing. Maybe she can try alternative medicine. But again, its all up to her. I know someone who had cancer and did herbal medicines for over 18 years and is doing very well. You should look into this. Oh, I can just imagine how terrible you feel. I hope mom's surgery has gotten rid of all the cells and maybe she can become healthy again. j

Glider Girl
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Thanks. She's strong and it's her decision. All of this is new and we'll look into diet and herbal medicine. Anything to help her have quality as long as possible.

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hello I was 32 when I git diagnosed with late stage 3 endimetrail carsonoma cancer also what I went through was 6 rounds if chemo and 35 rounds if external radiation and 7 rounds of internal radiation .i got to tell ya it wadbt easy but I believe no cancer is easy ....during chemo Istayed so sick I stayed in hospital for at least a week after each visit .... but to the good news is doctir said its not as rough on older women as it was on me ...... its a scary thing no matter your age just gotta keep positive and have a strong support be that for her I know you will ... will put ya'll in my prayers

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I feel totally helpless and of no use to her. I'm a Christian

but I've known too many too die of other cancers that are less

aggressive. I feel so inadequate..She smokes cigars and refuses

to quit...I'm so sad and I don't know what to say anymore.

She's single living with her boyfriend and she's a Christian

also. Can anyone give me any advice?,

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Dear Confused42,

I'm sorry to read that your daughter has uterine carcinosarcoma. I was diagnosed with Stage 3B carcinosarcoma in 2016. It is a shock, especially when learning how aggressive this type of cancer can be. But after surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, I have not had a recurrence so far. You can read more about my treatment by clicking on my profile picture.

Even if your daughter is an earlier stage than I was, most oncologists will want her to have chemotherapy after surgery. Not everyone has radiation, but many do.

Each patient is an individual and will face treatment differently. Some want company as they have their chemo infusions. While family and friends drove me to chemo and picked me up afterwards, I preferred to be by myself during treatments. Others here have valued having their partners or other family members by their side during infusions. Your daughter may appreciate you being with her during chemo, especially if her boyfriend isn't able to take off work to be there.

But take your cue from her as to how you might help. Some women get through chemo without too many problems, but others are quite debilitated. There were a few days in the later stage of chemo that I couldn't function very well and my family pitched in to help with household tasks that were more than I could handle at that time.

I don't smoke so I can't comment on that – but I will say that chemo does change your tolerance for certain smells, flavors, etc. So she may not find smoking as appealing during this time.

There are some discussions that you might find helpful to understand what your daughter might be going through now or in the near future. See the FAQ topic at the top of this list that includes links to several, including "Ladies going through chemo."

Once you know more what it planned for your daughter's treatment, please come back and ask any questions you or she might have.

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